The Wedding Song

2008 [ARABIC]

Drama / History / War

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Lizzie Brocheré as Myriam
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Simon Abkarian as Raoul / Doctor
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kenjha7 / 10

Engaging but Uncompelling

During WWII, the lifelong friendship between two young women (one Muslim, one Jewish) in Tunisia is tested when the Nazis take over the country. This is a good-looking film with fine performances from Brochere and Boval as the two women, although the characters are not very well developed. While generally engaging, it fails to be compelling, particularly for those not invested in the cultures portrayed here. It also doesn't offer any new insights about the religious themes it explores. It is sensitively directed by Albou, who also plays the mother of one of the young women. There are some surprisingly frank scenes depicting the grooming of Brochere for her wedding night.

Reviewed by druid333-29 / 10

Friendship In The Face Of Adversity

The year is 1942. The Nazi's have taken North Africa (Tunesia,in this case),and are spreading their vile wave of anti Semetic propaganda to the Arab speaking citizens of Tunis (and are Hell bent on carrying out their agenda of ethnic cleansing,as well). Amid all of these vile goings on,are two lifelong friends,Myriam,a Sephadic Jew,and Noor,an Arab,both young girls,about 16 years old,and are preparing for an arranged marriage. Myriam (played by Lizzie Brochere),is engaged to marry a much older man,a doctor transplanted from France,Raoul (Simon Abkarian),whom Myriam doesn't like one tiny bit (and no surprise,what so ever,as Raoul just drips with contempt that we all find out as the story unfolds),while Noor (played by Olympe Borval)who,although is arranged to marry Khaled (an Islamic extremist in the making,making him not much better than Raoul,played by Najib Oudghiri),her marriage has been called off by her stern father,due to Khaled's lack of work (although he is courting the prospects of going to work for the Germans,who claim to be a friend & ally of the Arabs. With the prospects of Nazi anti Semitism looming,the once peaceful relationships between Jews & Arabs threatens to disintegrate Myriam & Noor's long lasting friendship. Karin Albou,who directed the superb 'La Petite Jerusalem',writes & directs (as well as acts out the role of Noor's Mother,Tita) this sad on the surface, but uplifting drama that is also a meditation on cultural & religious differences (we get a taste of both Jewish & Arab culture). The cinematography is a treat for the eye,balancing muted colours with some Earth tones. The musical score is an eclectic mix of some traditional Arab & Jewish folk musics,with some unexpected bursts of modern music (the use of a piece of music by Nina Hagen is a nice counterpoint to all of the Nazi mayhem that transpires at times). This is a toothsome piece of drama that some will dismiss as little more than an "art house" chick flick,but don't let the "nay sayers" discourage you from seeing it. Spoken in Arabic & French (with a wee bit of German)with English subtitles. Not rated by the MPAA,this film contains full frontal female nudity,sexual content,a most distressing preparation scene for a traditional Jewish bride that is just as difficult to watch as some of the goings on in Lars Von Trier's 'Anti Christ' & some rude language (leave the little ones home)

Reviewed by johno-217 / 10

The Wedding Song

I saw this last month at the 2009 Palm Springs International film Festival. This is the second feature film of writer/director/actress Karin Albou who received critical acclaim for her debut film La Petite Jersalem. As as writer and director Albou seems to have a promising career ahead of her as she knows how to put a film together and get the best out of her cast including herself as an actress as she plays the role of Myriam's stern but loving, smart and hard working mother Tita. The film is set in 1942 in German occupied Tunisia as the German's are vying for the support of the Muslim population to be their allies in the promise of independence for Tunisia. 16 year old Nour (Olympe Borval) is a Muslim engaged to her cousin Khaled (Najib Oudghiri). Nour's best friend since their earliest childhood is Myriam (Lizzie Brouchere). Myriam is Jewish and the German occupation has brought understandably hard times and tension for the Jewish Tunisian population. Myriam longs for the love that her friend Nour sees in Khaled but Myriam is betrothed to a wealthy and much older Doctor Raoul (Simon Abkarian) who is being forced to work in sympathy to the Nazi occupation. Photographed by cinematographer Laurent Brunet this is a good film but despite the war setting there is not a lot of war action and the film centers around the relationship of Myriam and Nour and this could be categorized as a chick flick. I liked it though and would give it a 7.5 out of 10 and recommend it.

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