The Way of War


Action / Thriller

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J.K. Simmons Photo
J.K. Simmons as Sergeant Mitchell
Lance Reddick Photo
Lance Reddick as The Black Man
Cuba Gooding Jr. Photo
Cuba Gooding Jr. as David Wolf
John Terry Photo
John Terry as Secretary of Defence
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by FFAxDAVID3 / 10


Saw an early version of this and must admit was pretty boring. I had high hopes from trailers and Cuba being in the lead role, but after 40 mins of almost walking out on it i managed to stick it to the end,then wish i had followed my instincts and actually had walked out on it when it finally had ended.

The acting is OK,the plot had potential, but the end result was just a tedious waste of space that i cannot really recommend even to die hard fans of Cuba Gooding Jr.

I would like to say that with a few tweaks in the plot it still maybe watchable, but it needs a major plot change to even be that good, so am not hopeful at all and have given it a generous rating of 3

Reviewed by michaelRokeefe3 / 10

They took everything from him.

Cuba Gooding Jr., where in the hell is your career going? Cuba plays David Wolfe, a paramilitary operative sent to the Middle East on a covert assignment to assassinate a ruthless terrorist, the Ace of Spades(Vernel Bagneris). While on the mission Wolfe begins to figure out that maybe he himself may be a target of his own government. He will have to use all of his assassin skills to survive a conspiracy that involves several high levels of the US government.

This movie is hard to follow because of the flashback method of telling the story. Plus there seems to be a missing part of a puzzle to be found nowhere. Also in the cast: JK. Simmons, Jaclyn DeSartis, Brad C. Carter and Clarence Williams.

Reviewed by dbborroughs5 / 10

Cuba Gooding is better than his material

Cuba Gooding Jr proves he's an under used actor in a a well acted confused tale of a government conspiracy concerning the Iraq war and the war on terror.

Well made on a low budget this is a movie where I didn't care about the plot so much as I did about the characters. High points for Gooding and the never bad Clarence Williams who make this nonsense watchable. I wish I knew why these two didn't get bigger and better roles in more mainstream movies.(Hey and its nice to see an Oscar winner continue to prove he's a great actor and that the award wasn't a fluke-ala Mira Sorvino)

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