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James Franco as Ed Maas
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Taryn Manning as Vee Dillon
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Q'orianka Kilcher as Susan Cromwell
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Francesca Eastwood as Leah Dillon
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird4 / 10

One strange bank heist

Having liked James Franco in other things, liking horror and thriller and being intrigued by the premise (bank heist films are not new in film or television, a very tried and tested formula, but a bank heist with a twist intrigued a lot),'The Vault' had enough to make me want to see it. It had enough ingredients for it to be a good film, but in the end it ends up being just a lacklustre one with salvageable elements.

'The Vault' starts off very promisingly with an energetic and tension-filled opening that is easily the best thing about the film. Wasn't that impressed by the acting on the whole, but Franco gives it his all and is not bad at all. In fact, while it is a long way from being among his best performances, he is pretty good and convincing and actually looks like he's trying.

Generally the production values could have been better, but the sets are suitably creepy and the atmospheric lighting accentuates the creepiness further.

Sadly, 'The Vault' is lacking everywhere else. Taryn Manning and Francesca Eastwood don't have the screen presence to intimidate even a cat, marionettes have more animation than Manning who doesn't seem to try to act and Eastwood tries too hard. The rest of the cast struggle to do anything with characters that are basically just ciphers with nothing developed or distinct. The script tends to be very flabby with an air of smugness, while most of the film is clumsily directed in a way that's far too calculated.

Despite a great opening, 'The Vault' goes downhill quickly with momentum petering out far too early, meaning that a lot of the film limps along. The thriller elements lack suspense and can be implausible, implausibility turning into complete ridiculousness at the end, while the horror side fails to deliver on the scares, being too over-familiar, tension-lacking and the slow-burning taken to extremes. The film is really dull by this point and one is past caring what happens in the film or to anybody because the characters are so thinly sketched, make illogical decisions and mostly unconvincingly acted.

Just for the record, really liked that there was more than one genre. It was just the way it was executed, it was too much of a mishmash and the whole thing becomes disjointed.

Sets and lighting aside, the production values scream of straight-to-DVD quality with particularly slapdash editing. The music and sound editing can be overbearingly loud at points.

In summary, a strange lacklustre film that is not bad enough to keep buried in the vault but not good enough to warrant a permanent unlocking. 4/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca5 / 10

Good story, underwhelming direction

THE VAULT is a B-movie thriller with a decent premise which mixes the thriller and horror genres quite well, in a similar way to FROM DUSK TILL DAWN. It starts out as a regular bank heist/hostage thriller, but soon moves into supernatural territory and becomes a mildly gruesome ghost story. The main problem with the film lies with the direction, which is never as good as it could be. The suspense is limited and the horror scenes anything but horrifying. What this does boast is a nice little cast which keeps you watching. James Franco is the star name but his screen time is quite limited; Taryn Manning and Scott Haze are the ones who stand out here, alongside an unexpectedly good Francesca Eastwood, daughter of Clint and possessing some of his quiet gravitas. And if the bank teller looks familiar, it's because she's the actress who played Pocahontas in THE NEW WORLD!

Reviewed by nogodnomasters7 / 10

No lies. Just short answers.

The film shows you headlines from a Centurion Trust bank robbery and then trusts you into another bank robbery at the same location. You get an idea who the characters are in about 35 minutes. The job is lead by Leah (Francesca Eastwood). As time approaches, the assistant bank manager James Franco gives them help and advice. The team is dissatisfied with the haul and Franco suggests the old vault in the that was alluded to earlier with the word "haunting." This is when the fun begins.

Unfortunately there is little to no lighting in and around the vault, so the best scenes are always dark. Eastwood did the cold calculating tough girl very well. Franco had subdued role for a change.

In 1982 the Joan Jett cover of "Crimson and Clover" would have been popular and not the original.

If you like this film, you might try "The Last Heist." Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.

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