The Traveler


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Val Kilmer Photo
Val Kilmer as Mr. Nobody / Drifter
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Camille Sullivan as Deputy Jane Hollows
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Dylan Neal as Detective Alexander Black
John Cassini Photo
John Cassini as Deputy Jack Hawkins
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nogodnomasters8 / 10

Dark Poetry

The movie was like a Freddy or Jason film. You know who the killer is, who is going to die and why they are going to die. The film starts out with a girl, Mary Black being abducted while out in the woods skipping rope and playing with her kitty, Shining. Don't worry, if you miss this scene they will show it 3-4 more times. She manages to get out very loud screams even though the killer has his hand over her mouth.

We flash ahead 1 year later, Christmas Eve at a small town police department. Detective Alexander Black was the father of Mary and is having some family problems mainly over the death of Mary a year ago. Then at 8:14 Val Kilmer shows up as "Mr. Nobody" to confess to murders. Val has the eerie appearance of an old fat Jim Morrison and recites various dark lines and truisms such as "It is the job of the police to protect the rich and persecute the poor." He also has his own music as he whistles Mozart, which sounds a little like the opening of "Lassie" for you old timers.

The soundtrack is a combination of Mozart and Metal. It was good, but it really had an opportunity to make the film. We soon find out that the cops who are on duty had clubbed a drifter into a coma attempting to get him to confess to the killing of Mary Black. They show the torture scene about 6 times. The drifter (never called The Traveler, perhaps "Drifter" was already taken) was beaten with a shovel, baton, fist, hung, whipped, and suffocated. Oh yes and stuck with a pen.

Our Traveler is here to get revenge in a strange and supernatural way, which the police quickly figure out. As he confesses to a killing, he is actually describing how a police officer is being killed.

I found the movie to be "Twilight Zone-like" at times, and Kilmer, attempting to be the new thinking man's Freddy. His slow monotone speeches are reminiscent of his Morrison readings. I saw this as a film version of dark poetry with cult status potential.

No sex. No nudity. Does contain blood, guts and torture.

Reviewed by gavin69425 / 10

Val Kilmer Kills People

A man (Val Kilmer) walks into a police station and says he is confessing to a murder. Unfortunately for the police, he will not give his name and will not volunteer much else.

We should talk about Val Kilmer. Another reviewer said he was like wax, and despite being a great actor has really slipped into some terrible roles. Kilmer's career as a whole is mess -- for every outstanding role he has had, he has had two terrible ones. Do directors simply not know how to utilize him?

This movie as a whole would have been better if someone else handled it. The acting is a bit weak, the direction is average. The musical score is actually quite good, and the general plot is creative and clever -- again, if someone else had made it, this could have been a big hit. (Heck, imagine this in the hands of David Fincher.)

Reviewed by Claudio Carvalho4 / 10

Promising and Creeping Beginning, Disappointing Conclusion

On the Christmas Eve in a small town, a stranger (Val Kilmer) enters in the precinct and tells the Desk Sergeant Gulloy (Chris Gauthier) that he had murdered six people. Detective Alexander Black (Dylan Neal) arrests the man in a cell and Deputy Jerry Pine (Paul McGillion),Deputy Jane Hollow (Camille Sullivan),Deputy Toby Sherwood (Nels Lennarson) and Deputy Jack Hawkins (John Cassini) are not able to identify him since the stranger does not have fingerprints. They call him Mr. Nobody and Deputy Hawkins recalls that he resembles the haired drifter that they had arrested and tortured one year ago, when the daughter of Detective Black had vanished. Along the night, while Mr. Nobody confesses each murder and whistles Lacrimosa from Mozart's Requiem, each deputy dies. Sooner Detective Black discovers that Mr. Nobody is a revengeful spirit that has come to kill them for what they did to the drifter one year ago and they are doomed to die.

"The Traveler" is a weird film with a promising and creeping beginning but also a disappointing conclusion. The mysterious and supernatural story works very well until the moment Mr. Nobody confesses that he was not innocent but guilty indeed. From this moment on, the plot becomes pointless and makes no sense, destroying what could have been a good movie. My vote is four.

Title (Brazil): "O Viajante" ("The Traveler")

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