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Reviewed by timilehinmustapha6 / 10

Gripping Crime Drama/Thriller?

The Trade" is a gripping crime drama film, directed by Jadesola Osiberu, that draws inspiration from the true story of a notorious kidnapper who terrorized southern Nigeria for over a decade. Blossom Chukwuejukwu plays the elusive kidnapper, Eric, while Rita Dominic portrays one of his unfortunate victims. The film boasts an ensemble cast of talented Nollywood veterans, including Ali Nuhu, Chiwetalu Agu, Gideon Okeke, and Shawn Faqua, among others.

One of the film's most notable strengths is its ability to showcase Nigeria's diversity in terms of culture and religion. The film features engaging shots that open a window into various aspects of Nigerian culture, which are not commonly portrayed in popular movies. This exploration of the country's diversity is a refreshing addition to the typical Nollywood fare.

Another strength of the film is its subtle approach to Eric's character. The audience is not explicitly told that Eric is a kidnapper, but instead experiences his actions and interactions with other characters. This approach makes Eric more dangerous and unpredictable, as he blends in with the crowd like an average Nigerian man. The performances of the cast are also noteworthy, with Osiberu's direction helping to build tension as Eric moves from one kidnapping to another until he meets Rita Dominic's character.

The humor that occasionally punctuates the film provides much-needed relief from the dark subject matter, while the satisfying ending delivers a just conclusion to Eric's criminal activities. However, the film is not without its flaws. The audio quality was subpar, making it difficult to hear or understand. Inconsistency in the "r" factor in the speeches of some Igbo characters also detracted from the film's overall quality.

Certain scenes were not well-executed, such as the kidnapping of Rita Dominic, which appeared too easy, or the police officer's shooting, which was poorly edited. Some parts of the story felt rushed, such as how the police obtained the phone and SIM cards or how they tracked down Eric's location from Chris's phone. These flaws left some parts of the story feeling incomplete and not allowing the audience to fully take in the evidence. The car crash scene was also unrealistic, while the death of Shawn Faqua's character, who seemed to be an antagonist, did not evoke any emotion.

Overall, "The Trade" is an enjoyable Nollywood movie that offers something different from the norm, with excellent locations, a great cast, and an engaging plot. The film's technical aspects, some scenes, and certain characters would benefit from improvement, but it is still worth watching for those seeking a crime drama with a Nigerian flavor.

Reviewed by / 10

Reviewed by kalugift10 / 10

A really good one!

Omo, the casts all played their roles very well!

It was really good to see actors that have never acted these kind of roles acting new roles beautifully well!

The picture quality was superb not to talk of the sound!

Definitely not the typical nollywood movie!

My favorite actor was definitely Blossom, better ibo man.

Followed by Shawn Faqua with his good ibo accent, nice one.

Disregard any bad reviews, if you're into crime, action and thriller movies, this is definitely the right one.

I was hooked, there were no dull moments at all and honestly speaking, I couldn't guess what was next.

Kudos to Jade for this movie!

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