The Time of Their Lives


Action / Comedy

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Joan Collins as Helen
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Pauline Collins as Priscilla
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Franco Nero as Alberto
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by brankovranjkovic4 / 10

Pensioners Behaving Badly

An emotional comedy starring Joan Collins, who was the unlike-able, selfish, has-been diva and Pauline Collins, the downtrodden and long suffering wife. The two leads developed an interesting chemistry.

The 'diva' intended to go to her ex-lover's funeral in France where she suspects lots of film directors will also be attending. Her ulterior motive was to hopefully restart her film career. The downtrodden housewife finds herself accidentally on the same coach-trip as the 'diva', this mishap isn't too much of an issue as she's unhappy and just wants to 'run away' from her domineering husband, who has been harbouring a very long term grudge.

The film tries to be funny with a serious foundation, but becomes a ludicrous buddy road trip with some predictable humour.

Not a bad film, but not a great film either and Shirley Valentine this is definitely NOT.

Reviewed by Marcelo Alvim10 / 10

Wonderful Movie, Enchanting

A moving film, of those that I like too much, this cinema was a good trip. She would be a "Thelma and Louise" of old age. The story is very different, but the strength of women is similar, the film has several interesting situations. Relationship problems, lives truncated, not yet resolved. But in the end, what is worth, the trip, let's go in that galera !!!!

I've seen a lot of unsold old-age films, now one came with a firm footprint, good to see, the movie with great vitality.

Director: Roger Goldby, makes several mini-series for TV has few long, half that I do not know, between them directed "The Waiting Room" (2007),that still saw. The stars: Joan Collins, Pauline Collins, Franco Nero are wonderful, I emphasize Pauline Collins, what perfection, how beautiful, she already made a film that I love "The Quartet" (2012),another highlight is Franco Nero, the whole film, but it is masterful, he did among others "John Wick: A New Day to Kill" (2017),"Django Livre" (2012),"Hard to Kill 2" (1990). And another protagonist and film diva, who deserves a lot of applause is Joan Collins, who made several famous TV series in also among many others "Goodbye Die Early" (1954),"The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas" (2000). Pauline and Joan, despite their identical surnames, I do not think they are related, but they are English actresses and Franco Nero is Italian.

Reviewed by Paul Evans9 / 10

A glorious film.

I have to say I enjoyed every single moment of this, a truly moving, funny and engaging movie that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Two actresses I have always admired, both true talents, combining once again to great effect. The pair had worked together many years before in an episode of takes of the unexpected, back then Joan was the star, with Pauline somewhat in her shadow. A similar tale here, but as it goes on you see there's depth to both characters. Some great humour, mostly from Joan, and some heart breaking moments, many from Pauline. I urge you to watch this film. 9/10

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