The Tijuana Story


Action / Crime / Drama / Film-Noir

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Robert Blake as Enrique Acosta Mesa
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Susan Seaforth Hayes as Alma Acosta Mesa
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James Darren as Mitch
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Jean Willes as Liz March
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer7 / 10

Far from perfect but well worth seeing.

"The Tijuana Story" is far from a great film, but it is entertaining and well made...and also treats most Mexicans quite well for an American film from this era.

According to IMDB, this movie and the crusading newspaper man, Rodolfo Acosta, are based on Manuel Acosta Meza, a reported in Tijuana was who murdered the year before the film debuted. The film is about a crusade led by Acosta to rid the city of organized crime. Now he was NOT trying to rid the city of all crime and vice (after all, it is Tijuana) but he tried to get the mobsters out of town by exposing their graft in his paper. But you know this can only go on so long before the mob has had enough and decide to kill him.

The mobster portion of the film is excellent and I liked how the film showed the good and evil in the well as American mobsters who were pulling the strings of the local creeps. In other words, it's not some sort of anti-Mexican film taking cheap shots.

What wasn't so great was the portion with the young James Darren. While a fine actor and singer, here it really looks as if they had two different movies and chopped the Darren portion out of one film and stuck it in the other. His actions really had nothing to do with the mobsters and his characters end seemed baffling and ill-suited for the film. If I ever meet the man, I'd love to ask him about this....surely his part was either chopped to pieces or added in at the last minute. Regardless, it just didn't fit.

On balance, despite this Darren portion the film is exciting, well made for a low-budget film and well worth seeing.

Reviewed by Goingbegging2 / 10

Dry Run for the Cartels

Gallant little guy standing up to the mob. Hardly an original storyline (sub-Jimmy Stewart),but this is a dramatised documentary, quite a common low-cost option in 1957, celebrating the recent martyrdom of newspaper editor Manuel Acosta Mesa, who had been trying to clean up Tijuana single-handed. The funeral tribute, with which the film ends ("He did not die in vain"),would earn a belly-laugh today, with its naïve hopes about turning the city back into a family-friendly community from which gangsterism had been banished forever. One glimpse of modern-day Tijuana would have made those audiences feel they'd been watching a kids' game 'Let's Play Narcos'.

Only one performance stands out - the villain Diaz, played by Paul Newlan, highly convincing, with gangsterism deeply embedded in him. No-one else comes close. The 20-year old James Darren gets star billing, but a curiously small part that offers him few opportunities and hardly affects the plot. It just adds a touch of pathos: a schoolkid on vacation, wanting to try his first grown-up Mexican weekend, but doomed from the moment a bar-girl offers to sell him marijuana ("Are you too frightened?"),leading indirectly to his death. The rest of it is disappointingly mechanical, both in plot and in delivery, hardly worth watching.

(And to think, despite my fluent Spanish, it had never occurred to me that Tijuana translates as 'Auntie Jane'!)

Reviewed by boblipton5 / 10

Well Meaning If Cheap Movie

Crusading newspaperman Rodolfo Acosta takes on 'the syndicate' in Tijuana after a young man goes berserk when the police try to arrest him for damage he's done while under the influence of marijuana. The syndicate promptly tries to shut him up, first by scaring off his advertisers, and then by any means they deem necessary.

The notes indicate the lead's character is based on a real-life newspaperman named Manuel Acosta Meza. A brief Google search could not turn up the individual. Apparently it's not that unusual a name.

The movie is a variety of the sort of movie like THE MIAMI STORY. It is a very sincere picture, but also obviously a cheap movie, with bare, simple sets. A few location sessions around Tijuana help, but despite its statement that the town was cleaning up, by the time I was there in 1971, it was pretty sleazy again.

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