The Thief Lord


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Reviewed by dbborroughs7 / 10

Very good "family" film is actually a "lost" gem that everyone will probably enjoy

Cornelia Funke's novel has been turned into a very good "family" film. How I hate to use that term but unfortunately its true. This is the story of a couple of orphans who high tail it to Venice in search of the magic that their mother always spoke about. Their they fall in with the "Thief Lord" and his band of orphans who steal in order to survive.

This is a really good movie. I really do like it a great deal. The film is well acted by all concerned. It has great effects and is extremely well made in pretty much every area. And that is what was wrong with the film, it looks too good. Everything is picture perfect and neat. I don't think I've ever seen a film where Venice ever looked this neat and clean. It takes the film out of being very real to being a a bit of lets put on a show. Its a grand and very enjoyable show, but its a show who's technical excellence keeps you at arms distance. Maybe its just a bit of disappointment on my part, I wanted to fall into this film and enjoy it from on the inside, instead I was forced to see it through a looking glass of picture perfect perfection.

Still see this movie. If you have kids sit them down and show them this movie, it will keep everyone entertained. Its a film that people should be seeing and talking about since its too good to have get lost and disappear.

7.5 out of 10.

Reviewed by siderite6 / 10

Oh come on! It has children so it's good?

Do we rate movies like we do commercials? Then a young pup nibbling on the leg of a teenage stunner should be rated 11!

Anyway, this movie is not bad, but it's not very good either. It's average for its time, budget and genre. It is basically a children's story, with pretty good acting and casting, but with bad directing and scripting. Someone probably took a children's book and adapted it, then left the film to the actors.

Conclusion: if you are looking for a nostalgic reminder of a childhood movie, then watch it. Else you will just get bored by an outdated and pretty pointless film. I am not against these kind of movies, but I've seen movies with children and for children that were way better and impressive.

Reviewed by Mr_Sensitive8 / 10


This movie is a surprise, much more entertaining than many of the kids movie I have seen in quite sometime. Though the morale movie won't teach the kid anything good but the movie is quite impressive.

Synopsis: After their parent pass away Bo was adopted by relative while Prosper was send to orphanage. With the dream of fantastical adventure that they late mother always talk about, the two run away to Venice and befriend with The Thief Lord.

Everything about this film is quite impressive actually. The story that been transform into the great screenplay and what I like the most was the characters development, despite having five main characters, there is a great balance between them. Though the story is a little bit slow and quite brief at the end I don't really mind it.

The casting of the kids are brilliant. They all work out really well and are adorable together. And though their acting is not the top but convincing enough. The locations of Venice add an extra freshness to the movie and also the score is not bad at all, fit really well with the style of the film.

Overall the film is really well done and I would my recommended to the kids to watch it. It is a definite fun for the whole family.

Reason To Watch: The Kids, Brilliant Solid Story.

Reason Not To: Dislike of Kids Movie.

Rating: 8/10 (Grade: A-).

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