The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck



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Reviewed by nikkicuyt10 / 10

Aaah so good!!

Mark Manson never dissappoints. The way this movie was made (soundtrack, editing, imagery) was beautiful to watch. But even more important: the content was meaningful and powerful. Highly recommend this documentary (which felt like a deeply personal story, intertwined with the lessons Manson learned) to anyone, any age. Especially for teens, I think this is a wonderful and "comforting" documentary, yet at the same time makes you think about rather counterintuitive and/or uncomfortable psychological concepts.

The only remark I could make is that the movie didn't always feel entirely coherent, sometimes a bit chaotic. It didn't bother me though. :-)

Reviewed by boblipton6 / 10

Not So Subtle

Touted as a documentary, this turned out to be essentially a lecture by the author, Mark Manson on what the #@%! Is wrong with people with enough of a slide show to offer a cinematic fig leaf to the proceedings. Based on Manson's book of a similar name (Democratic Congresswoman Katie Porter was seen reading a copy during the sixteen zillion votes for Speaker of the House of the 118th Congress),Manson feels that we spent too many decades trying to make youngsters feel good about themselves, so they are unfit to handle the problems of the world; instead of wondering why they aren't happy, they should realize we are all going to die, find something to give a #@%! About, and give zero #@%!s to all the other stuff.

To give some depths to his assertions, he offers some reminiscences about his youth, misspent in having a good time - traveling around the world, sleeping with many women, repulsive stuff like that, which no one really wants to do.

Actually Manson makes some good points, but as an old guy, I must admit that the only reason I don't yell at kids to get off my lawn is I don't have a lawn. I don't yell at clouds, know I'm going to die, and suspect that to those people who haven't traveled around the world and had many sexual partners, this is going to be a matter of mature wisdom sounding like being tired.

In any case, director Nathan Price and editors Whetham Allpress and Nick Carew keep things visually interesting. It would be nice if Manson were a more polished speaker. His conversational tics seemed to add about 15 minutes to this film. Er, lecture.

Reviewed by mitchell-lash9 / 10

Source material 10/10

Source material 10/10. The documentary isn't as much a documentary, but a video lecture with photos & videos (some historical and very helpful to the narrative, and some stock photos/footage which are often less effective) as b-roll.

Mark Manson helped me become a better person. Instead of trying to feel good all the time, figure out what you're willing to feel bad for. Stoicism with a dollop of Buddhism, but framed in a down-to-earth, modern-day, lens that most Americans born between 1980-2000, will find super relatable. Mark and his books are a 10/10. The documentary (which considering the source material, would be difficult to produce) is a 5/10. But still watch it, you won't be disappointed.

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