The Story of O

1975 [FRENCH]

Action / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by The_Void6 / 10

Worthwhile soft porn

Based on a novel by Dominique Aury, Story of O is an arty version of the classic story of S&M. Despite the sadomasochistic tone, the film is actually rather soft; but while it may not delight fans of the more hardcore pornography, the way that director Just Jaeckin tried to elevate the story above what it is and make a 'classic' film, as well as the fact that parts of it actually are erotic means that this is at least a fairly successful piece of softcore porn. The film focuses on a woman simply named 'O' (which is somewhat ironic because it sounds like a James Bond codename and the lead is played by Moonraker Bond girl Corinne Clery). She goes out with a man named Rene, who decides to take her to a retreat where she is trained in sexual perversion. It's clear that the director obviously valued his subject material and although the film fails as a classy drama; the way that it's filmed does give some extra interest. The acting is actually fairly decent, with Corinne Clery standing out alongside Anthony Steel and Udo Kier. There's a fair amount of sexual perversion involved although the film does not go into great detail with most of it; but we do get plenty of whipping and lesbianism at least. I have to say that I preferred Gerard Damiano's 'The Story of Joanna', which was also based on the classic French novel; but this is decent enough stuff and worthwhile for one viewing.

Reviewed by TBJCSKCNRRQTreviews6 / 10

"Cut! OK, great work everyone; now, let's hose down the set and prepare another take."

I'm not kidding, whenever there's two people on-screen in this, there's a pretty solid chance they'll strip and/or do it. Oh, I'm not really complaining, albeit it does get to be excessive. This and its 1984 sequel were on sale in a box-set(which, for some reason, promised me that it would contain "the full television series", yes, in those words),and this appears to be something of a cult-favorite. The DVD came with the French Uncut(and that is the language most commonly spoken in this, the other two dip in and out occasionally) and the English version. This is a review of the first-mentioned; I can't comment on what is censored in the other one. The running time, sans the short ending credits, is 100 minutes. This is about S&M, and thus about power struggles and love. The exploration of those isn't half bad, and this isn't as pretentious as one might fear. A woman identified only by the initial O is taken to a castle by her boyfriend for her "training". Yes, this can be misogynistic; maybe the bondage and whippings were the full extent of crossing of boundaries that they were willing to go. Perhaps it was a choice. I don't know. The production values are average, and this is largely kitsch. With that said, it holds several cool images, and there is good erotica to be found in the pile. The acting is reasonable; Udo Kier is enjoyable to watch as always, I think this is the first time I heard him speak a foreign tongue. As far as the plot goes, this is fine, and certainly has both beginning and conclusion. The pace is awkward at times, and it can certainly drag at points. There is just about constant female nudity, including full frontal, and a ton of sexual content in this. I recommend this to anyone interested, be it for the allure or curiosity about the controversy this caused. 6/10

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho3 / 10

Stupid and Sick Exploitation of an Object Woman with the Cover of Art Film

Rene (Udo Kier) takes his lover, the photographer O (Corinne Cléry),to a manor in the isolated area of Roissy to be submitted to humiliations, bondage and sexual perversions to prove that she belongs to him.

O spends several days being sexually abused by several men and whipped until she is ready to return to Rene. Then he shares O with his older step-brother Sir Stephen (Anthony Steel) until Rene finally gives O to him. Meanwhile O and Sir Stephen fall in love with each other.

The pretentious "Histoire d'O" is a stupid and sick exploitation with the cover of art film. The cinematography and the soundtrack are magnificent and the gorgeous Corinne Cléry is bold accepting the role of O. However the shallow story of a woman in love that accepts to be treated like an object and submitted to kinky sex to please her lover is unbelievable, amoral and abnormal. My vote is three.

Title (Brazil): "A História de O" ("The Story of O")

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