The Sleeping Negro



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Rae Dawn Chong as Black Woman
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Julie McNiven as White Woman
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David Fumero as Boss
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Reviewed by istreet-2111810 / 10

A Hidden Gem

This film is the best film I saw in 2020.. From the beginning of the film I was hooked into the story because it's so relatable to my life.

Reviewed by statuskuo10 / 10

Do NOT Sleep On This Film

In the shadow of meeting his fiancee's White parents, a Black Man is haunted by visions of his roots and has to come to terms with his lingering anger. Boom, off the bat, we realize we are in some mystical metaphysical conversation when we first see Man floating in a resting position above his bed. The dreamlike image conjures up spirituality. This is seared into our minds as to what follows. Man, embarks on attempts to have meaningful conversation about race which is struck down or sidestepped by banal life moments. One, when a friend visits from his past, and again when his fiancee attempts to diffuse his queries as to what future they hold together. Or where he fits in. Anyone who has the anxiety of meeting parents before nuptials will understand this fear. Multiply it by 1000 when race is involved. To comfort that fear White Woman, as she's listed as, explains that her parents are opened minded liberals similar to how "Get Out" starts. But this is serious. And he is serious. What he truly wants to get at and no one can truly articulate to him, is the life experience of being inside a body that is shunned silently by the crowd. Regardless of how many people tell him that skin color doesn't matter.

No folks, this ISN'T that you need to pity him, or comfort him. It's the existential question of whether or not his fear of his fellow man wasn't indoctrinated into him throughout generations. These are metaphysical questions that perfectly match the images you are about to witness. And anyone of color will constantly consider which is...what we wouldn't give for our ability to change the course of objects or minds. It is a seriously deep conversation I've never seen portrayed, and frankly is a work of genius that hasn't been addressed. Man is in a constant battle with this question and will ring true for a LOT of viewers. By the way, this has NOTHING to do with the present conversation of race. Director Skinner Myer's film is more than that. It is about when the White liberals leave the spotlight or social media platform, he still must live within his skin. The present conflict is a scratch on the surface compared to the darker roots. That said, there are moments of humanity and warmth and humor. Uncomfortable humor at that, but still humorous. And Rae Dawn Chong deserves much attention as Black Woman. Incredible. As does Skinner's very understated but boiling performance as the Man. There are truly beautiful moments of true art. Excellent film! I would be interested in seeing Mr. Myers direct one of Stephen King's dramas. He really tightropes that line of mystical and spiritual well and would do well similar tonally to a "Shawshank Redemption" control.

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