The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let's Do the Time Warp Again


Action / Comedy / Horror / Musical / Thriller

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Tim Curry as The Criminologist - An Expert
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Reviewed by Ducsoup1 / 10

They really screwed the pooch with this one folks.

I'm not sure where to begin. I have no idea what they were going for but boy, did they miss in every aspect. We had to stop watching. It didn't capture the essence, it was not a good homage and it was just plain bad. We just can't imagine who would come up with such an awful idea like remaking such a perfect classic. I use the term "remake" ever so loosely. Our expectations were low, considering how good the original was and we were expecting some new voices honoring some old songs and music, but didn't happen.

If you are even slightly, the tiniest fan of the original, this rendition will make you nauseous. It is that bad.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird2 / 10

It's a Rocky Horror alright

'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' is a film that still holds up to me as enormous fun and is a great experience when seeing it at a midnight showing which adds to the atmosphere. There are a lot of people who don't see the appeal and understandably, as it is not a film for all tastes.

What makes 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' still great fun to watch are its timeless songs (especially "Time Warp" and "Sweet Transvestite"),a clever and very funny script, a wonderfully naughty and risqué atmosphere that pushed boundaries like no film had ever before and Tim Curry's landmark performance that deservedly turned him into a star. Whether you like it or not, it is difficult to deny that it is an ahead of its time film and that there's very few if any films like it.

It is always fairer to judge something as its own entity, but there are times where it is very difficult to compare two versions when so much that worked so well previously fares disastrously here. That is the case with this 2016 TV production, as an adaptation of the film and even the stage show it's an abomination but it is also an example of something where people would still be making the same criticisms without having seen or needing to see the original.

Redeeming values are very difficult to find on the whole, but two things are done well. One is the cool opening scene in one of the few song renditions that treats the previous film version's with even a shade of respect. The other is the courageous performance of Tim Curry in the very small role of the Criminologist, despite being so badly diminished by his stroke four years ago that hasn't stopped him doing what he loves and it's not stopped him giving a sincere, moving and authoritative performance.

However, the production does suffer badly from being too clean and too glamorous in production values when part of the film's charm was its decadence and that it feels far too watered down and too safe, there's very little to none of the sense that the film pushed boundaries or what made it so daring, wickedly naughty and unique. Despite the songs being so great themselves, the re-arrangements certainly aren't, sounding and performed like they came from 'Glee' or something from the Disney Channel. Only "Science Fiction" and "Hot Patootie" are treated with respect, with "Time Warp" being an absolute train-wreck in every regard and "Sweet Transvestite" was just dull with Frank's entrance (iconic before) lacking impact completely.

As for the script, little of the naughtiness and wit comes through due to erratic and too fast line delivery, so the lines feel like they were thrown away rather than relished. Aside from Curry, another huge issue is bad casting. Topping or matching Tim Curry is impossible, but Laverne Cox (also have to agree that Frank does not work when played as a woman, which points the point of the character, causing distracting and constant gender confusion that were very likely accidental) even as a standalone performance tries far too hard that everything about her performance becomes flat and forced.

Ryan McCarten and Victoria Justice sound, look and act like they were auditioning for 'Glee', while Ben Vereen is a forgettable Dr Scott weirdly made up, Reeve Carney overdoes it as Riff Raff and strains his way through his whole music, Christina Milian is nowhere near sinister or conniving enough as Magenta and Annaleigh Ashford sleepwalks her way through Columbia. Adam Lambert also had potential to be a redeeming quality and while his singing is brilliant he would have made a much better Frank, he is too polished and theatrical for Eddie. Chemistry between the performers is non-existent and the choreography is both leaden and overblown performed with lumbering energy.

Overall, a huge disappointment even when watching it with an open mind and without prejudice. Did think it was not a good idea but have been pleasantly surprised by how potentially bad ideas have actually been executed well, but this TV production fails spectacularly when compared and on its own. 2/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho3 / 10

What for? Why?

"The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)" is a cult-movie of one generation. Fans have been worshiping this film since its release in 1975. Great cast, witty screenplay and story, wonderful songs and passionate performances and direction. Therefore, this original film should be respected by producers and directors.

"The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let's Do the Time Warp Again" is a poor and lame remake of the classic cult movie and fans of this film will certainly be highly disappointed. The bisexual Laverne Cox is awful when comparing with Tim Curry in the original film. The screenplay is terrible and my question is: "- What for and why this remake? It is better off watching the 1975 classic again than spending time watching this dreadful remake. My vote is three.

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