The Road Warrior


Action / Adventure / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Mel Gibson Photo
Mel Gibson as Max
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Bruce Spence as The Gyro Captain
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Joanne Samuel as Jessie
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Vernon Wells as Wez
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ma-cortes8 / 10

This stirring movie in comic-strip style is packed with unbelievable car stunts, thrills, chills and noisy action

Violent movie about a futuristic road-warrior cop with high-velocity action and kinetic energy .This classic is set a few years from now, a dangerous, desolate post-industrial world of the future where rules the strongest law . It concerns about the ex-police named Max (Mel Gibson),some cutthroats and revenge takes place. The nasties attack , rape, ravage to hapless and unfortunates. But vengeance will be terrible against some bands of depraved crazies thirsty for blood on high facility roads. A group (commanded by Mike Preston) located at an oil fortress is besieged by motorised warlords looking for fuel and they'll have to fight against the cutthroats, a band of depraved crazies (Vernon Welles and several others) thirsty for blood and survive some battles to-the-death with lots of blood and gore, including throating-slit ,beheading, impaling and blow up.

This exciting picture packs kinetic action , thrills, chills, shocks and abundant violence. Spectacular stunt-work plenty of motorcycle races, cars with bounds and leaps and explosions . Top-notch Mel Gibson as revenger angel at one of his first main roles, he embarks a spectacular escape against vicious murderous. Rumbling and screeching musical score fitting to action by Brian May. Special and weird futuristic atmosphere created by cameraman Dean Semler who reflects splendidly the barren outdoors. The motion picture is stunningly directed by George Miller, author of the excellent post-apocalypse ¨Mad Max¨ trilogy along with the writer and producer Byron Kennedy. It's followed by ¨Mad Max beyond Thunderdome¨ with Tina Turner, George Ogilvie, Frank Thring and again Bruce Spence as sympathetic helicopter pilot. In addition, numerous imitations as the recent ¨Doomsday¨(2008, Neal Marshall),rip offs, and exploitations ,especially Italians products. Rating : Good, better than average, this is one of the most successful Aussie movie of all time. This remarkable action film will appeal to Science Fiction buffs. Rating : 8'5, Above average. Well worth watching.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca10 / 10

Best of the trilogy, and a road chase classic

Apparently a big hit in Italy, considering the number of knock-offs and rip-offs that followed after its release, MAD MAX 2 is one of the grand daddies of the post-apocalypse genre, especially in a visual sense with the desert locations, bizarrely-dressed villains, tattered heroes, modified bikes and cars and raw action. This is a solid and well-paced little movie, my personal favourite of the MAD MAX trilogy, with better action than the first and not as silly as the third one. Although the budget isn't the highest, the film contains some phenomenal scenes of action and stunts, especially the finale which involves about a dozen assorted cars and bikes chasing an oil ranker through a 2000-mile desert. The bleak Australian desert conditions can't be bettered, and the thumping music - from Queen's Brian May, of all people - really gets the adrenaline pumping.

At heart, this is still a pretty dark movie, with a large body count, brutal violence, and characters being killed off in scenes that you wouldn't see in a Hollywood movie. Most of the good guys end up being brutally killed and even Max hardly makes it out alive at the end, a battered and scarred victim. Mel Gibson essays the role of Max once more and makes the hard-edged loner with an honest heart his own, and with only a little dialogue he creates a strong screen presence that not many actors could so assuredly achieve. Being an Australian movie of the '80s, there are plenty of weird and bizarre characters, the most-remembered of which is the Feral Kid, who uses a razor-sharp boomerang to cut of people's fingers and the like. The bad guys are dressed in outrageous costumes of chains and leather and led by the hilarious Humungus, a huge bald muscular bloke with a Jason mask.

Vernon Wells (later to play the chief baddie in Arnie's COMMANDO) has a ball as Wez, a permanently psychotic biker with a mohawk who goes over the edge when his girlfriend is slaughtered by the Feral Kid, and his overacting is something to behold. Although the cast is comprised of unknowns, Bruce Spence really makes an impression as the "Gyro Captain", a desert mechanic/eccentric who flies a bizarre contraption and supplies some of the film's intermittent comic relief. The vehicle and costume design is imaginative, and combined with the locations gives the film a realistic look so that you really think that you're in a futuristic world. All this and more is topped off by the excellent car chases, which are truly pulse-pounding and some of the best put on screen. MAD MAX 2: an odd - and unique - masterpiece, as only the Australians could have made.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle7 / 10

campy fun

In the post-apocalyptic world, fuel is scarse. Max roams the desolate Australian outback with his dog fighting off bandits. He encounters the Gyro Captain (Bruce Spence) who tries to rob him. He knows a community of survivors refining their own fuel. The group is under attack from The Humungus and his gang of bandits. One car tries to escape but they are caught by the bandits. Max is able to rescue the man and take him back to the community. He promised him gas but he dies before the deal can be done.

This one takes the violent indie into camp territories. It's unrelentingly violent with cool outlander looks. It is filled with fun. The stunts are better than ever. There is something viceral about real action. It is a great explosive live-action cartoon on wheels.

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