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Reviewed by camurielc4 / 10


Watching this movie made me wish I had attended film school, just so I could have the technical knowledge to effectively explain all the things that are wrong. The more I watched, the more confused I was. I was being generous when I gave it four stars. The acting and dialogue were ineffective. I do not understand the Emma character. She was confusing and near the end she was just all over the place.

There are so many holes in the script and so many questions throughout, that I'm unable to decide what the end really meant.

I want to walk away from a movie feeling like it was either completely believable or such a fantastic story that I'm willing to believe it because it was so well done - like The Sixth Sense. This was neither. I walked away from the movie asking why seasoned industry professionals put their names on this. And in the final credits...why was Monique credited three times for the same character? I don't even want to guess.

Watch this movie if you're a serious film student looking for a movie that is full of issues and things to not do when making a film. If you're a regular person, just find something else to watch...unless you enjoy train wrecks and dumpster fires.

Reviewed by tieed310 / 10

Who's got your finger?

Amazing and super exciting step for houston filmmaking! Monique brings a game changing performance with a genre bending return to form. Courtney Glaude was able to pull off a miracle with this one. Edge of your seat story telling. It's the kind of movie you are dying to talk to your friends about but have to wait until they've all seen it so you don't spoil the twists. A dark and twisted tale you can't look away from. Makes me very excited to see what writer/director Courtney Glaude has coming down the pipe in the future. Make sure to watch it, watch it again, tel all your friends to watch it, then watch it one more time for good measure.

Reviewed by happychee5 / 10

Why DID Lee Daniels & Monique do this to us?

I need answers & I need them now. The best actor in this was Monique...and that's not a compliment.

Who convinced Monique that this was a good idea?

Why didn't Monique run when she read the script?

Why would put out such a good trailer only for this to end up being trash?

How was this movie ever made? Who paid for it?

Whoever writer this...WHY?

Who every the casting person is, WHY? The movie starts off great. The idea that the girl could actually make contact with the dead was a good plotline but noooo, what does Lee Daniels & the writer do? Somewhere at the 35-40 minute mark, the story line shifts & becomes a comedy.

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