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Reviewed by ACollegeStudent4 / 10

A disjointed ending

Rating: 4.0

Rating the source material for this movie since I can't see it in the states yet. It was a step down from the first two seasons and the ending was disjointed from the previous 100 chapters. The rationale for Yotsuba winning wasn't strong enough to nullify the 100 chapters of development from the other quints (besides Itsuki). Arguing that since Yotsuba was Rena, and the most selfless, and foreshadowed from the beginning doesn't excuse her lack of character or development. The final chapters had bloated plot points like the biological father arc which was only present so Itsuki could relate her resolve to become a teacher back to Futaro so she could get her "kiss scene", she should've just stayed neutral in the love pyramid since she was never a major player in the plot or romance. The proof of this is in Yotsuba's and Futaro's awkward first date, there was no chemistry between them even up to their honeymoon where ridiculously all the quints join them. Why even marry her when you guys can't even share one panel kissing each other. It seems the author tried to please everyone and nobody simultaneously, I would've even preferred a polygamy ending over this.

Reviewed by The-Last-Sith-Lord6 / 10

unexpected ending

Just watched the movie at the theater in Japan today.

I haven't read the manga, so my review here is just based from what I have watched on the TV series and the conclusion of the story showed at the movie.

Full spoilers ahead.. be warned.

The movie is pretty long, 2 hours, and takes place at the school's festival and it's divided in 5 acts, each one showing the 3 days of the festival (from start, to end) and each act taking one of the sisters' story with the main character (Futaro) on each day of the festival. At the start all sisters asks to Futaro to say which one he will pick, and Futaro says he will give the answer on the last day of the festival. Therefore, on each act, you see one of the sisters declaring her love and stealing a kiss from him.

The movie itself is enjoyable, you won't get bored, but some parts feel rushed or meaningless. For example, the biological father of the sisters sudden appears to meet with Itsuki, saying he is her real father. That was really forced and it felt very dry. Why he was there? Why that moment? He had less than 5 min of screen time, and it ended just as a bad old guy without any emotion, I couldn't see any reason for this encounter to happen in the movie, it didn't add anything on the story. (to simplify the encounter: I'm your father / (itsuki) so what? / (father) you have to accept me / (itsuki) I don't, go to hell / (father) damn! Ok, bye) And what was the relation of Futaro's father with the sisters' step father and biological father? On the TV series they never showed any kind of relationship, and on the movie they didn't explain anything. Other meaningless character inserted on the movie was Futaro's friend from his childhood, the girl showed as if she was trying to guide Futaro into something (never explained) and then she just leaves the screen, I really couldn't see the purpose of this character on the movie (maybe on the manga there is some explanation?) About the end, Yotsuba ends being the chosen from Futaro. For me was kind unexpected, as there isn't much chemistry between her and Futaro. Btw, at the beginning Futaro says to Ichika he was planning to chose no one, but the sisters pressure him in making a decision and pick one of them, but all this pressure on him kind took all the emotional from the story. When he meets Yotsuba and tells he chose her, it was very dry and without any emotion at all. (it was like: I chose you, here are some chicken, lets eat together) And from this part to the end (around 40-30min I guess?) the movie try to justify why he choses Yotsuba, I guess his choice felt so unexpected and under pressure that even the writer though "why her?" , to use this much of screen time only trying to justify his choice. (Yotsuba is the girl that he met when he was a kid in Kyoto, but on the TV series, Yotsuba never showed interest in romance, she treated the main character the same as she treated other people around her) But I guess the main person to blame is the writer who made the main character so flat when is about romance. Futaro really never showed interest in romance, he never had this kind of chemistry with the sisters, he kind looked more like a "big brother" instead of a young age boy at puberty near girls. So we get this end where he is forced to chose someone only to end the story.

Reviewed by rcrredeption10 / 10

Very beautiful and heartfelt ending to one of my beloved romance anime

I accidentally stumbled up on quintessential quintuplets . I always feared a very bad ending to harem romance series. The protagonist does not choose any girl or chooses everyone of them that the usually happens in these types of stories.

But i was wrong about it.

It was my first romance anime my first harem anime and i developed a attachment to each character , each heroins precisely.

My beloved character was miki , nino , ichika,yotsuba, itsuki. Respectively.

This is a different take in usual romance anime rather than ending with word i love you it gives closure to all other girls each and every one of them.

At the end we can see a time skip to wedding were we see all the girls achieve something with their lives.

Most of them all there is additional content make us re-watch the anime in more with a different perspective which makes the ending so meaningful.

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