The Quiet Hour


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Reviewed by kosmasp6 / 10

Quiet inside

An independent movie with a low budget - what can one expect? There have been way better movies in a few respects, with similar things (production values, genre, actors etc). Having said that, this is quite decent to say the least. The story is tight overall and while it all plays out more or less in one location, that helps the movie quite a lot.

You still have to cut the movie some slack and suspend your disbelief. The what would I do department is always one that is quite rich when it comes to movies like this one. Still give it a try if you have a heart for it - after the beginning you should be able to tell if the movie and you are a good fit.

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen1 / 10

The boring hour more like it...

I read the synopsis for this 2014 sci-fi thriller and must say that the whole alien invasion aspect sounded interesting enough. Now, normally I am not overly keen on sci-fi movies, but I liked the cover and the synopsis here, so I gave "The Quiet Hour" a chance.

And I made it a mind-boggling 55 minutes into the ordeal before I gave up. It was painstakingly clear then that the movie was never going to get up into a watchable pace. And yeah, in those excruciating 55 minutes nothing, and I mean nothing, had happened.

I have no idea what writer and director Stéphanie Joalland hoped to accomplish with this movie, but it certainly wasn't good entertainment.

Sure, the acting in the movie was adequate, and despite having a very small cast ensemble, then I will say that the people on the cast list managed to pull off their jobs well enough. But they were just fighting a steep uphill battle against a total lack of story.

In the 55 minutes that I suffered through there wasn't even anything remotely of a sense of despair or anything that resembled the world having been through an alien invasion.

"The Quiet Hour" is without a doubt one of the most boring, uneventful and fully unnecessary movies that I have stumbled upon. And believe me when I say that I am never returning to watch the rest of the movie, because there was just absolutely nothing worthwhile here.

I am rating "The Quiet Hour" one out of ten stars rating. If you enjoy sci-fi, do yourself a big favor and give this movie a wide berth.

Reviewed by robertemerald7 / 10

Tight short indie movie aimed at late teens

The actors are good, the filming is good and the production is good. If this was a meal I'd describe it as good vegetarian. There's nothing really original, there are other movies with a very similar theme out there. It's power is its youth, our heroes, honestly portrayed when faced with loss and other far more aggressive stranger adults, whom happen to outnumber them. The youngest is immature and has a disability, all wrong steps stem from this innocence. From that point of view this is well crafted, and an engaging experience. The plot has several moments of true creativity and forethought. It ends well, which was satisfying. For me, being much older than the cast, I tended to see many missed opportunities. Sometimes the camera captured nature or sky with real flare, but there could have been much more of this. The Quiet Hour could have been peppered with symbolic natural image, on both small and grand scale. I liked the location, but it wasn't invested with enough for me. Then there is the aliens. I'm assuming a truly tight budget, because a bit more of that creativity could have brought this movie into a more contemporary horror. We enjoy a new age of computer graphics, and we should delight in possibilities. Overall though, as the movie wasn't long, I'm happy to recommend it.

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