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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca8 / 10

One of the best children's films ever

FROG DREAMING is one of those films that always seemed to be showing on TV in the UK in the 1980s. I remember in the early days of the Internet, everybody ALWAYS used to ask the question, what's that movie with the mechanism under the pond that people think is a monster? I was one of them and it took me many years to figure out the movie and then track it down in order to finally watch it. I'm glad I made the effort, because this is a highly decent children's adventure film. It's certainly ahead of THE GOONIES in terms of quality and it's the kind of film that the recently-made SUPER 8 could only dream of being. The reason FROG DREAMING is so good? It's full of character. Australian films don't get more Australian-feeling than this. The characters are quirky and interesting, and the film is full of natural humour that never feels forced or out of place.

FROG DREAMING also has the benefit of being directed by the one and only Brian Trenchard-Smith, one of my favourite B-movie directors who always knows how to make entertaining produce on limited budgets. The resultant film is snappy, fast-paced, and packed with mysticism, atmosphere, and spooky scares. Okay, so the central conceit of the Aboriginal monster is augmented via a rather obvious twist which will be guessable soon after starting viewing, but that doesn't stop the story being eerie and engaging. I love movies that engage with local folklore like this. Henry Thomas, child star of E.T., is a delight as the imported American lead and future NEIGHBOURS actress Rachel Friend (she played Bronwen) is suitably fitting as the would-be love interest. I particularly enjoyed Tony Barry's heartfelt turn as the father figure.

Reviewed by view_and_review4 / 10

Reckless in Australia

It sounds like a tagline for a dating site like "Sleepless in Seattle." It could be. There was an adolescent romance to contend with between main character, Cody (Henry Thomas),and Wendy (Rachel Friend). That puppy love saved Cody's life.

Cody was an extremely reckless kid that finally did a stunt that should have spelled the death of him, but you know... writers. In his search for a "dungajin" (I'm sure I'm not spelling that right) he got himself trapped underwater. Notice how I said, "trapped underwater" and not drowned. That's because he miraculously found a pocket of air beneath some old mining equipment underwater. To complete the miracle his girlfriend/deus ex machina used some nebulous clues to come to the conclusion that he was still alive underwater though just moments earlier she was screaming how he was dead.

Henry Thomas I liked you better as Elliott.

Reviewed by Atreyu_II7 / 10

Decent tale of adventure, if nothing too extraordinary

'The Quest' is how this Australian production is named in the USA. In Australia it is titled 'Frog Dreaming'. In the UK it was ridiculously called 'The Go-Kids'. For me, the most appropriate title is 'Frog Dreaming' (it's the one which identifies most with it) but 'The Quest' also suits it well.

The star of this movie is Henry Thomas. There's no denying that he was much more than just "Elliott". He was a very capable actor and one of the few child actors who grew up without trashing his life and that is one thing that I admire on him.

Henry Thomas is Cody, a very determined boy with a strong will for adventure. So determined and adventurous that he doesn't hesitate to take great risks to find the mystery of the monster-like thing on a dangerous and creepy pond, even if that implies disobeying orders or advices.

While the movie is predictable, it is entertaining and has a great deal of adventure. Henry Thomas, once again, offers a great performance (here as an adolescent and with an already changed voice).

What enchanted me the most was the beauty of the exotic Australian scenario, all natural settings and a reminder of the healthy habits and adventures kids had back in the good old days, a completely different reality from today's deplorable habits and ideas of "fun".

This is much more of an adventure movie but it also has some dark and sinister moments, which are creepier for being at night.

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