The Punisher


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Dolph Lundgren Photo
Dolph Lundgren as Frank Castle
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Louis Gossett Jr. as Jake Berkowitz
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Todd Boyce as Tarrone
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Jeroen Krabbé as Gianni Franco
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ma-cortes5 / 10

Violent crime chiller about a relentless revenger

This is a gripping story of one man's vendetta. An ex-cop named Frank Castle(Dolph Lundgren) whose family is wiped by a mobster(Jeroen Krabbe),executes a revenge, originating a bodycount with several enemies. Frank is moved to brutal violence and metes out his own justice when his wife and sons are murdered. He kills 125 baddies in five years, as tells a TV newsreader and still going on. Meanwhile, he attempts to stop the Japanese mafia ruled by Lady Tanaka(Kim Miyori). Castle sets out to killing gangsters, such as an one army man. Frank's ex-partner named Jake(Louis Gossett) and a cop(Nancy Everhard) try to catch him.

The picture packs action packed, thrills, shootouts, chills and lots of violence and explosion. The tale bears a remarkable resemblance with Charles Bronson films of the series 'Death wish', for the matter, the vengeance,as the starring becomes a hit man and making as judge, jury and executioner and no better the mobsters he's pursuing. Adapted for a Marvel Comics Group character and written and drawn by Gerry Conway and consultant by the famous Stan Lee. Exhibited direct to video in United States, though in Europe showed in theatres years later being realized. The movie is set in US but filmed in Australian Outback. The motion picture is professionally directed by Mark Goldblatt, he's a prestigious editor and occasionally director(Dead heat). This adaptation was a flop and obtained lukewarm reception by the public. The recent and superior version(2004) directed by Jonathan Hensleigh and starred by Thomas Jane, Rebeca Romijin Stamos and John Travolta achieved much success in the box office, in spite of the extreme violence and crude scenes. It's a must see for Dolph Lundgren fans.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle5 / 10

an interesting attempt but a small miss

Frank Castle (Dolph Lundgren) is a former cop who lives in the sewers as The Punisher after his wife and kids were murdered. Mob boss Dino Moretti is responsible but is released after the court fails to convict him. The Punisher kills him and his henchmen. Frank's former partner Jake Berkowitz (Louis Gossett Jr.) gets hounded by Sam Leary to be his new partner. She believes that Frank Castle is still alive as The Punisher despite official denial. Gangster Gianni Franco (Jeroen Krabbé) returns to town while Lady Tanaka of the Japanese Yakuza proposes a partnership with his organization weaken by The Punisher.

I appreciate the strip down attempt at a hard-nosed comic book movie. They even kick around some kids. However Mark Goldblatt is not a good enough director. The style and look of it is solidly in a lower level. The action isn't that exciting. Lundgren doesn't do much acting-wise. It gets a bit boring without any compelling acting.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca8 / 10

Underrated comic book action - not much wrong with this film

Well, this is a pretty much loathed movie. I can't seem to find many people who like it. Even the review books say it's rubbishy. However, I enjoyed it from the start. Sure, it's a completely brainless movie, all action and violence and no characterisation or plot, but it's fun. The budget is well used with lots of explosions and shooting. The actors are cool and the violence is played hard and fast, sometimes shockingly (one scene of a guy getting knives driven into his wrists reminded me of the beginning of the Fulci gore flick THE BEYOND). It's based on a comic book, and as comic-to-film adaptations go, this is a pretty accurate one in my opinion. It LOOKS like a comic made real, without being over-the-top and cheesy.

Dolph Lundgren takes the lead role of the silent killer, so a lot of people immediately hated the movie. Me, I don't mind Lundgren, and I figure he's pretty good here as the moody psycho killer, certainly looking a lot different to what he usually does. Lundgren has plenty of post-COMMANDO one liners to deal with, some of which are successful. Louis Gossett Jr. is the lone policeman hot on his trail, and puts in a solid - if undistinguished - performance. Jeroen Krabbe is the main villain, a ruthless cold-blooded mob boss recently released from jail, and is very good. Kim Miyori steals her scenes as the sadistically evil Yakuza leader who takes delight in torturing and butchering her victims. One other character I liked was the British failed actor tramp who becomes the Punisher's sidekick, he was pretty funny.

The introduction of the Yakuza gang paves the way for a fair share of martial arts action to enjoy, plus lots of cool weapons. The film takes the form of a string of violent set-pieces linked together by scenes furthering the plot (usually themselves involving death and destruction). Highlights include a bus chase, a dockyard shoot-out, a fight in an abandoned carnival, and the finale which sees Lundgren and Krabbe teaming up to infiltrate the enemy base and laying waste to literally dozens of villains in a very bloody fashion. As I mentioned before, this is an extremely violent movie in the style of Paul Verhoeven's movies, with blood exploding from those shot, lots of slashed throats, and impalements. I love it. While admittedly a low-intelligence movie to watch, and hardly memorable or satisfying, THE PUNISHER moves fast and kept me glued to the screen for the hour and a half, so it must have done something right.

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