The Promised Neverland


Action / Adventure / Drama / Fantasy / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by holyraine7 / 10

actually pretty good for what it was worth

Ok, so usually live action anime adaptations are pretty forgettable, but i would say this one was actually a bit above average for its genre. They did make a couple changes to the anime (which i will get to in a moment) and some were good, others werent. For example, emma and norman find out that the transmitters are in their ears pretty much instantly in this version without having to investigate to figure it out, there was also this new scene where korone was about to find the transmitter destroyer, and to its credit it was actually pretty tense. Now the acting was mostly pretty good from what i can tell (i dont speak japanese so i couldnt tell you for sure) they had to age up the characters from 12 to 15 in this version, probably because they couldnt find any decent 12 year old actors to play the part. Then again the actor for phil was also decent so i think they probably could have done it without changing the characters ages if they looked hard enough. Korones acting was pretty over the top though, i mean even ignoring the fact that they got a white actor to portray her, she was way too over the top with her preformance. Also the movie had a few weird editing tricks, liek in one scene where korone was walking towards the kids and the director thought it would be a good idea to comically speed up the footage of her walking, it looked really goofy. The demons actually looked pretty good in the movie, they werent seen very often but when we did they looked pretty real. They were animated with CGI and the way they physically interacted with the humans looked convincing.

So yeah, the movie actually ended up being not terrible, if youre a fan of the anime or the manga i would say maybe give this a try, you might like it.

Reviewed by cile-chan8 / 10

hoping for a sequel!

I haven't seen the anime yet but somehow by the way this was filmed, I could tell that they tried to be as accurate as possible to their source material. The basic premise of the story was explicated so it wasn't confusing nor it felt like something was lacking. It was pretty enjoyable (no of course not the predestined doom of the kids) and in some way it didn't feel like I was watching an anime live-action adaptation. I hope this film is a coup in Japan so we could get a sequel.

Reviewed by hbrik55510 / 10

A really good effort!

I really enjoy this film! The three main actors were really good in it. Minami Hamabi was born to be a Star. The plot goes fast compared to the Manga and the Anime but it works well for the film and with what is trying to do. The cinematography is superb in the film and the Deamons are not very scary but that's Ok, they work for the story. I recommend reading the Manga after watching the film for more details to the story. Highly recommended film!

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