The Princess and the Bodyguard


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Emily Alatalo as Lexi
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jackbv1238 / 10

A different Royal movie

The early part of this movie caught my interest because so much was different from the usual Royal movies, of which I am not a fan. For starters, Lexi, the princess, is living independently in NYC and making her own way. She has been for 10 years. Her parents, including the King, have given her a great deal of freedom and they discuss any differences of opinion openly and reasonably for the most part. There are no ogres and while these parents are somewhat protective, they are not in any way the usual overbearing parents. There is one exception - the bodyguard and Lexi doesn't waste a lot of time objecting to it.

Lexi must go on three dates to audition, if you will, prospects for her date to a Gala. The first two are the usual cliche bad dates. Meanwhile most things are developing predictably. And much of that part of the movie is spent showing Lexi agonizing and considering her choice for the future. That and getting to know her bodyguard, Noah.

The acting is OK. The story is OK but predictable with no great highs or lows or surprises. The dialogue is also OK, but not sparkling. I had no complaints about sound or sets. Ryan Bruce's Noah is a very cold fish in the beginning and I was worried he would have no personality, but as things progressed, he opened up and there was some chemistry with Emily Alatalo. Alatalo's Lexi is appealing both in personality and appearance.

Reviewed by druatlax8 / 10

A good movie with a good cast.. quite enjoyable

Please Allow me a personal note: in a movie world of angst- or blood and gore-or animated children's fare, there needs to be a place where you can enjoy laughs, joy, a bit of drama, and many smiles. This is one of those.

A bit off-kilter from the usual story, with it's very human, and surprisingly realistic list of characters, I was pleasantly surprised. I loved the different people, which in many cases I had not seen on screen before. These beautiful souls made the movie a more real slice of life which we so rarely see in movies with predictable characters as in most movies.

So, I highly recommend this movie. Really. For a simple, sometimes complicated-but realistic-view of lives with a honest look at people who are not all stereotypes, but rather those we see and/or know in our own lives.... Watch and Enjoy!

Reviewed by boriskaiser3 / 10


This is another mediocre Reel One Entertainment TV movie. It's about fictional European royal family, rebellious princess trope, and includes many royal family stereotypes. Obviously, it was used so many times that you know what you are going to watch. However, execution is bad. Let me explain.

Audio production is weird. There is barely any obnoxiously loud background music which is shockingly positive suprise for a ROE TV movie, but dialogue recording is a huge mess. In one scene, everything is ok, and in the next, it's just bad and it's like that in the whole movie. I never heard something like that. They overused stock footage so viewers think the movie location is in NYC as was stated several times, but even carefully shoot outdoor scenes reveal typical Canada urban scenery, and this time, like many other times, it's Hamilton. There are several outright bad cuts. The main actress had bad makeup most of the movie. I can overlook everything above if at least direction and writing were somehow compentent, and sadly they are not.

Acts I and II are almost full comedy. There is barely any romance. There is one scene in Act II when movie literally parodies itself! And then in Act III, you guess, sudden and forced drama for no reason at all. Did I mention that "romance" between main leads was totally forced and unnatural?

Like in the best and worst ROE tradition, you can watch the whole movie compressed in 2:05 min long trailer.

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