The Price We Pay


Action / Horror / Thriller

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Tyler Sanders Photo
Tyler Sanders as Danny
Emile Hirsch Photo
Emile Hirsch as Alex
Vernon Wells Photo
Vernon Wells as The Doctor
Stephen Dorff Photo
Stephen Dorff as Cody
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by PedroPires907 / 10

Entertaining, bloody, over-the-top

Kitamura's films don't always work for me, but I've already realised that it's not just the fact that the director mixes things I really like with things I don't like so fact, it has a lot to do with my state of mind and how I "dive" or not into the film. After the suffering of boredom that was Night Sky (previous film at Grimmfest),I had to refill myself with 500ml of Monster Energy and was prepared for the worst, so all that came to my ears.

As a relatively serious thriller, this works well for almost two full acts, with some good characters and others as annoying as vuvuzelas in my ear for 90 minutes. Then, when everything starts to get more predictable and repetitive, the film pulls out its secret weapon: absurd levels of gratuitous violence, blood everywhere, and some of the most original scenes in recent times. I laughed at and that was the intention. The last act is brutal, it's over-the-top, but it's really fun and this dose of adrenaline was all I could ask for after the traumatic experience I had before. In the midst of a well-known cast, it was the young Gigi Zumbado who proved to be an excellent surprise.

Reviewed by kosmasp7 / 10

Not in money that is

No pun intended - because as you can imagine this is more nasty and violent than that. It is about people and the consequences of the actions they take. Of course not everyone is getting what they "deserve" - this never really happens. Also who is the judge of that? I reckon the viewer can make up their mind and agree or disagree.

The movie is quite predictable. But it also is quite fun. You'll love to hate Emile Hirsch. And if you get the chance to see hin on the big screen - in an ever bigger fashion! I knew he would be in it, but I also recognized Stephen Dorff - even though ... well it wasn't obvious when they first appear.

That all being said, the movie is not for the faint hearted. There is a lot of violence. There are a lot of effects that are great but some people who are sensitive may have issues with. Just a heads up ... no pun intended!

Reviewed by haskel-729517 / 10

Solid B movie

I had major doubts about this one. Any time I see Grindstone Entertainment listed as in the opening credits my expectations drop. After all, Randall Emmitt and George Furla are responsible as producers for more pure garbage than any other tandem working today. This one though, it rose above its obvious trappings. The cast is strong: the underrated and undercast Stephen Dorff, Emile Hirsch - who is working his way back from cancel culture hell, and Vernon Wells. Wells is downright criminally underrated, almost to Stephen Lang's level of under appreciated. Add the director of Midnight Meat Train and you have a strong entry in the genre, even if it doesn't break any new ground.

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