The Pretty One


Action / Comedy / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten50%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled46%
IMDb Rating6.3109699

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Jennifer Lafleur Photo
Jennifer Lafleur as Marguerite
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Jake Johnson as Basel
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Zoe Kazan as Laurel / Audrey
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kosmasp6 / 10

Is it you?

It's kind tough to say that, unless you are talking about the beauty inside of course. Talking about deciding the pretty one in twins that is. In this case it seems to be important who is who. The main actress does a great job conveying two different characters and "playing" both parts sort of. The inciting incident happens quite early, so most of you will already know why it's going to be tough for one of them to live their life in the "shadow" of the other.

Being in someone else's shoes or just trying to imagine how that would be like is different. You might think that someone else's life is easy and great, but you never know until you experience it. Though if you do the deceiving factor might be that big, that there is no escape from that. Nice drama with good actors then

Reviewed by studioAT5 / 10

Zoe Kazan shines here

I'm a big fan of Zoe Kazan and have been intrigued by her rise to fame in recent years.

Therefore I was interested to see this film in which she plays twins, one of whom takes on the others identity after a car crash.

It's a good film, one that mixes comedy and drama well. It's a little over sweary perhaps, and not without its slower moments, but a stellar performance from Kazan more than keeps it afloat.

A nice film.

Reviewed by RavenGlamDVDCollector7 / 10

rest of the cast spectacularly dreary

(wanted to give a 6, but the +1 is for Zoe Kazan's darling fringe)

The most voted-against review of the current 11 reviews opinionated that the trailer is better than the movie. Right on! Okay, I went into a video shop to check out what's new and saw the box of this one and was instantly smitten. Went home and downloaded trailer and waited for movie to go to bargain bin (how I collect original DVDs when it comes to new titles) and it took a while but finally, I am at the reviewing stage, two years after the cinematic release.

The first quadrant of the movie contains most of, shall I call it the trailer material? By the second quadrant you realize this has gone awry. Zoe Kazan is great, the rest really stink. Ron Livingston, go home, go get yourself a day job, studios won't call. Jack Johnson, oh please, only people who can enthuse about him are little ugly old blokes cheering vicariously to see an ugly little old bloke to get the girl. And that Frankie Shaw girl. Lackluster. Bleak send- her- home-tear-up-her-pay-cheque boo-to-the-moo... I'd better stop before I get cruel.

The third quadrant and it only gets worse.

I should now mention that I was having terrible thoughts about the actor playing the Dad, John Carroll Lynch. What a horrible casting selection, I seethed. But then it happened.

****************SPOILER ALERT**************

(kind of watered down)

It is all triggered by the word "porcupine" and I had a lump in my throat, oh that bear hug. Made it almost all worth while.


The only thing, besides that golden moment, that this movie has got going for itself, is Zoe Kazan (who, by the way, was 30 THIRTY! years old, playing an early twentysomething, and who looks like a schoolkid to me) Zoe has (a) a darling fringe (I might have mentioned that already) and I just sigh "Carly Rae Jeppsen" and go d-uhh! (b) soulful big blue eyes that are truly, truly soulful, I mean go to a picture dictionary and look up "soulful big blue eyes" and there you have a pic of Zoe Kazan's eyes (c) nice legs too and (d) she is cute to the point where she is the epitome of cute, like huggable to death, so here's a big hearty "Boo!" to the reviewer who suggested she has a limited range of emotions, I wanted to vote against you too, you buffoon, but you did get one thing right... The trailer is better than the movie.

The first quadrant is true to the trailer and shows the premise of what could have been great. Zoe did a marvelous job as the two vastly different twin sisters. If I didn't know better, I'd have thought those were two actresses.

Nobody ever mourns Audrey. Or way too little. Laurel went to the funeral as if it was her own funeral. So, her sister, we the audience find out she had a fling with a married man, she is supposed to be not worth mourning over? I beg to differ, she showed compassion for Laurel and longed to help, and knew her own life was in disarray. She was a positive character. Basel was glaringly obviously a big big big bore (looks half-asleep the whole time) and the movie couple would have been doomed by the first reel of the sequel!

It really should stay in your mind as "I saw the trailer, wanted to see that..."

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