The Philadelphia Experiment


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Malcolm McDowell as Morton Salinger
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Emilie Ullerup as Molly Gardner
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Michael Paré as Hagan
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John Reardon as Deputy Carl Reed
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by twidgetbubblehead1 / 10

Another SyFy Flop

Had I known that this movie was from SyFy, I would've left this one on the shelf.

SyFy is developing a rather disconcerting tendency to use absolutely horrid animation. Additionally, the low budget of the films they produce preclude the use of any type of technical advisors.

Using Army rank insignia on a supposedly Naval uniform is a big NO NO! And his "wash khakis" look as if they came off the shelf at K-mart.

USS Eldridge should not be plastered all over the ship, nor the hull number. And when Eldridge fell from the sky onto the building, the resulting impact would've broken her back.

This one is going directly to the pawn shop so I may recoup some of the money I spent on this abomination.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird4 / 10

Not so bad coming from SyFy, but still lacking in a number of areas

On the most part, I hate SyFy's movies with a passion. But while it is less than perfect, The Philadelphia Experiment was not so bad. The scenery is also pretty good for SyFy, and the story does have some great ideas and has its interesting moments, but actually the best asset of The Philadelphia Experiment was the acting. Nicholas Rea and Emilie Ullerup are surprisingly good in their roles, and Michael Pare is a strong presence. Fun to see Malcolm MacDowell too, though you do wish there was more of him. I do think however The Philadelphia Experiment could have been much better with a stronger budget. The special effects are crude- though I have seen much worse- and the shaky cam technique was overused and enough to give you a severe eyesore . The techno music became too much after a while and often overshadowed the dialogue and its delivery. It also could have been much better written. The dialogue doesn't seem as though it wants to go anywhere, it has no real sense of purpose and just wasn't that convincing. The story was a great concept with some equally good ideas and moments, but there are one too many moments where it is dull and lacking in any kind of heart or freshness. There are several unbelievable moments, like the scientists and executives looking anything but, a glowing ship being touched, using a diner waitress for backup, only two or three guys from the incursion team climbing the stairs instead of using a helicopter and ships managing to stay in one piece even after falling on high-rise buildings. The ending is also on the convoluted side. I have seen worse characters before, I wasn't actually annoyed by them as the actors were good, but especially with the villain(s) I didn't find them particularly interesting either. As well as that, they are really not that much different from the usual SyFy character clichés that you see especially in their disaster movies. All in all, was very lacking but better than most SyFy efforts at least. 4/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by nogodnomasters4 / 10


This is not a remake of the original film for those who actually saw it, but rather one that builds upon the myth of the incident known as the Philadelphia Experiment. In the superior 1984 film, 2 sailors transport to the future, not the entire ship.

In modern times, a private company contracted to the military recreates the magnetic flux from the first experiment (actually I thought it was radar, but who cares). They managed to make the WWII destroyer appear in Pennsylvania. Lt. Bill Gardner from 1943 (Nicholas Lea) leaves the ship in the same town where he lived. His granddaughter's boyfriend happens to enter the ship and get trapped on it. This coincidence was less believable than the magnetic field which can transport huge objects through space and time. Oh BTW for some poorly explained reason, the government wants Bill dead which leads to ridiculous conflict between people who both want to make the problem go away.

The special effects were CG and at times worse than others. The film incorporates the myth the men were trapped inside metal bulkheads. Bill adjusts to modern times fairly well, something they could of had more fun with, if they hired a comedy writer.

Parental Guide: No f-bombs, sex, or nudity.

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