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Reviewed by P3n-E-W1s36 / 10

An Average Though Watchable And Enjoyable Psychological Thriller

In this film, we have the story of a woman supposedly suffering from HPD - Histrionic Personality Disorder. And the opening sequence, except for the psychiatrist scene, sets the rest of the film up brilliantly. The trouble with the psychiatrist scene is that it all feels too staged. It's quickly edited and after only one session the shrink knows what's going to happen - she appears more a fortune teller than a doctor. It's the way this is delivered and shot that made me cringe inside. It all feels like it's only been added to the film to make everything black and white for the viewer. Give your audience credit, they probably could have figured out the storyline without this horrid scene.

However, that said the rest of the film bears no resemblance to this scene. The director, Curtis Crawford is pretty adept at using lighting, camera work, and location to set the scenes with atmosphere and tension. Though a couple of scenes could have been a little longer to build the tension a little more. It's a shame that he lets the pace slow down a little near the climax when it should be climbing to its zenith.

The acting is above average and I have to say that there is a brilliant scene where Grace (Savre) cuddles up with her man, Robert (Brown),and the look on her face is just so creepy and chilling - awesome scene, nice and powerful. This is one of those movies where the actors really do believe that there are no small parts, for they all give their best, which adds to the power and believability of the story.

As for the story, it's been done before and though there's nothing really new it's still a strong tale. Yes, it might have been nice to see a little more about Grace's background. Not that she may have been through some trauma which has lead her down this path, but of her relationship with her husband as it's evident at the start of the movie he really loves her. A little bit more background leading up to her condition and his death would have made the story stronger. If the writers could have added a few lesser used scenarios and twists this again could have made it stronger.

However, this is a watchable and enjoyable thriller which I would recommend to lovers of this genre and to those who haven't watched this style of film before. If there also happens to be little on to watch when it's raining or snowing outside, this isn't a bad one for a duvet day.

Reviewed by mjanssens268 / 10

One of the better Lifetime thrillers

The actors in this make it worth the watch. I nearly passed this up as I thought it would be a dud but am glad I gave it a chance. I thought it'd be a boring psychological thriller, but instead it's a decent thriller with some good twists and turns. Remember, it's a Lifetime flick so don't set your expectations too high but for a TV film, it's a fun ride.

Reviewed by wes-connors6 / 10

The Perfect Explanation

Highly-strung Danielle Savre (as Grace) receives some bad news. Her husband feels their sessions with a psychiatrist are not working and he wants to permanently end the marriage. Prone to spontaneous temper tantrums, Ms. Savre has something called HPD. HPD is short for Histrionic Personality Disorder (looked it up). A tragic mishap results in Savre moving from her small town to the relatively big city of Philadelphia. She wants to make a fresh start. Savre quickly goes grocery shopping and sees a strikingly good-looking older man, with great hair. The man is successful professor and writer Jefferson Brown (as Robert Harris). No, he doesn't sport the trendy "neatly trimmed beard" look, but the hair is perfect. Savre feigns dropping her groceries in order to meet him...

Savre wants to seduce and marry Mr. Brown, but there is one problem. Brown loves his live-in girlfriend Krista Morin (as Erin Stevens)...

"The Perfect Stalker" scores points with its early reference to what they call HPD, which is an honest to goodness (or badness) condition. This helps explain the hundreds (or soon to be) of unhinged "Lifetime" TV movie characters. They demonstrate "erratic behavior, unwillingness to accept criticism," are "overly dramatic, emotional," and, best of all (for TV movie purposes),they act out sexually after becoming obsessed with a targeted mate. This is the basic plot for these stories, which are sometimes "based on a true story." Now, it all makes sense. Curtis Crawford and his crew are responsible for dozens of these formula movies. This one is above average, due to a well-balanced but necessarily unhinged lead performance by Savre. Her last attempt is a titillating delight.

****** The Perfect Stalker (12/30/2016) Curtis Crawford ~ Danielle Savre, Jefferson Brown, Krista Morin, John Koensgen

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