The Omega Man


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Reviewed by claudio_carvalho9 / 10

The Last Hope of the Earth in an Apocalyptic Story

In 1977, the American scientist and colonel Dr. Robert Neville (Charlton Heston) is the last man on Earth. All the human race died or became mutants due to the use of biological weapons in a war. During the war, Dr. Neville was researching an experimental vaccine, and in a flight to a hospital to use his latest experiment, the pilot of his helicopter died and the helicopter crashed. Dr. Neville used the vaccine on himself and it worked, making him the last survivor of human race. The race of mutants self-calls 'The Family' and is leaded by the fanatic Matthias (Anthony Zerbe) in the middle-ages standards, without the use of any facility of the Twentieth Century. Dr. Neville finds some other survivors and intends to use the anti-corpus of his blood to prepare vaccines for them. The apocalyptic story has a tragic open end.

Yesterday I saw this movie maybe for the tenth time. In my opinion, it is one of the best Apocalyptic Sci-Fi movies of the 70's (together with 'Soylent Green'),when the world had the cold war to threaten and the population had a great fear of a biological weapons. In Brazil, 'The Omega Man' has not been released on VHS or DVD, and I have a VHS, recorded from the open Brazilian TV in the 80's, dubbed in Portuguese, with a terrible image, but what else can I do to see this movie if the distributors and the cable TV do not show interest to release it in my country? For persons of other native languages like me, I would like to explain the original title of the movie. In accordance with 'The Heritage Illustrated Dictionary', omega is not only the 24th and final letter in the Greek alphabet, but also means the ending, the last of anything. I hope that Tom Cruise does not spoil this magnificent story, since I heard he had the intention of preparing (or spoiling) a remake. Remake of good movies should be forbidden! My vote is nine.

Today (06 September 2006) I have watched "The Omega Man" again, now in the original language.

Title (Brazil): 'A Última Esperança da Terra' ('The Last Hope of the Earth')

Reviewed by Rainey-Dawn8 / 10


I find this version of the film entertaining! It's as much fun as the other two versions: The Last Man on Earth (1964) & I Am Legend (2007). Charlton Heston is great - nothing new there - but he's a lot of enjoyment in this cult classic flick!

The film is extremely dated I do agree but the entertainment value is still high. Worth watching if you enjoyed the one or both of the other film versions of the story. If you like sci-fi horror stories and vampires/zombies then this is a film for you!


Reviewed by bkoganbing6 / 10

Chuck And The Zombies

It's 1977 and the world has been devastated with a biological plague launched during a war between the Communist superpowers, Russia and China. Only one man is immune from it and it's Charlton Heston who was one of a team of scientists who developed an antidote. Unfortunately for humanity it was too late, but Heston vaccinated himself and now lives as both the hunter and hunted in a devastated Los Angeles filled with these albino vampire zombies who are those that have survived among the human race.

Now as I write this we are going into 30 years after this event was supposed to have occurred. Didn't mean something like this couldn't happen. In the intervening time we've seen the AIDS pandemic and governments paralyzed much like the zombies here who have surrendered to their doom, saying it's the will of the Deity. What might the human reaction be to something like what is depicted in The Omega Man.

Still though the religious symbolism with Heston as a Christlike figure gets way too heavy handed at times. The Omega Man was groundbreaking at the time, but I'm not sure it has worn well with age.

Best performance in The Omega Man has to be Anthony Zerbe, formerly a charismatic news commentator now charismatic leader of the Zombie pack.

There's a remake of The Omega Man due out in 2007 starring Will Smith in the Charlton Heston part. Under the title of I Am Legend, the original title of the book The Omega Man is based on, it will be interesting to see if the new film incorporates some of the history The Omega Man didn't foresee.

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