The Night Comes for Us


Action / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh91%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright83%
IMDb Rating6.91026208


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen9 / 10

Watch it! Just watch it...

Right, well if "The Raid" or "The Raid: Redemption" didn't put Indonesia on the worldmap of action movies, then "The Night Comes For Us" certainly will do so. This 2018 movie is definitely one to watch. I found it on Netflix and didn't hesitate for a moment to sit down and watch it.

Why? Well, first of all it had both Iko Uwais and Joe Taslim on the cast list, and it was an Indonesian action movie. And if it was just equally adrenaline packed as "The Raid", then I would have been more than happy. It turned out that they took the energy and action from "The Raid" movies and amped it up... Yeah, didn't think that was possible, but they did...

Combine an overload of action, violence and mayhem with a nice storyline and throw in some good and interesting characters for good measure, then you have "The Night Comes For Us". This was a non-stop action orgy from start to end, and the movie never once lost its momentum or had a dull moment.

Needless to say that the action sequences in the movie were spectacular, lots of great choreography and execution of martial arts and practical stunts on the screen, which all came together for a very hard-hitting movie.

It was nice to see Iko Uwais not playing the archetypical hero for a change, and he did so with the usual excellency that he brings to the more heroic archetype characters. And I will say that Joe Taslim really carried this movie phenomenally with his performance.

If you are a stranger to Indonesian cinema and if you enjoy action movies, then "The Night Comes For Us" is highly recommended. This is a movie for men by men - 100% testosterone and adrenaline all the way.

Reviewed by kosmasp9 / 10

Bloody Journey

Literally - and I had been warned about this. Now while at the start we only see an aftermath (still a lot blood and bodies laying around),it gets quite crazy during the run time. So if you can't stand the look of blood or are not into violent movies ... maybe you should not watch this. One criticism of users here has been the level of brutality on display. You've been warned.

Having said all that, the action scenes are really well choreographed. Yes you may wonder sometimes why only one person at a time is attacking, but that is nitpicking and deriving yourself of "enjoyment", remember this is only a movie and not a blueprint or a moral compass anyone should follow. One could easily depict the "story" which is quite slim. Also there is a short text introduction to the world we are about to enter. If you immerse yourself into it, you may understand what is going on. Even if you may not agree with the actions of the people involved, the sheer amount of insanity going on might catch up to you. Bloody genius? You decide

Reviewed by ThomDerd7 / 10

It's not The Raid. But it's good enough.

It's definitely a good martial arts/ action film but not as good as the 2 Raid films which are kind of similar style to this one.

E.g Some reviewers say that's the raid 3 but it is not. It's story and characters are unrelated.

It's mostly different because It Lacks Pace.

Also it looses points because of the effort to give some depth in the characters and a background story, which doesn't really work well here and makes the film longer than it should be.

However, it's still a relentless and impressive action film with a couple of memorable fight scenes.

Violence and gore are everywhere but somewhat less than the Raid. Still, be prepared.

But if you really like this film and have not seen the Raid d better get to it!

And if you're thinking if you should watch this film but still haven't seen the Raid... then skip this and start first with the Raid!

6,9/10 Iko Uwais is a master of the arts n crafts.

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