The Negotiator


Action / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

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Samuel L. Jackson Photo
Samuel L. Jackson as Danny Roman
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Kevin Spacey as Chris Sabian
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Dean Norris as Scott
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Mary Page Keller as Lisa Sabian
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by barnabyrudge7 / 10

Conventional siege thriller, made better than expected by its actors.

In terms of plot and story development, The Negotiator offers little that is new. It's a very conventional film. However, it gets a much needed injection from its cast, especially the two leads Jackson and Spacey, whose verbal exchanges are exciting and dynamic.

The far-fetched yarn introduces us to Chicago hostage negotiator Danny Roman (Samuel L. Jackson). Roman's partner Nate (Paul Guilfoyle) is brutally murdered just as he is about to expose a bunch of cops who have been stealing from the Disability Fund. All the clues at the scene of Nate's murder point to Roman being the guilty one. Danny is arrested for the killing, but he remains determined to prove his innocence. He violently besieges the Internal Affairs division of the Chicago P.D, taking several hostages at gunpoint, and proceeds to demand that his name be cleared. Hostage negotiator Chris Sabian (Kevin Spacey) arrives on the scene to talk Roman into surrendering his hostages.

The ease with which Jackson's character is framed for a crime he didn't commit is hard to believe, and his subsequent decision to take hostages in order to clear himself stretches credibility to the limit. The solution to the mystery - with the revelation of the real killer coming right at the end - isn't especially believable either. However, improbabilities aside, The Negotiator is an entertaining work. As mentioned, Jackson and Spacey's confrontations are quite dynamic and help to make the film compulsively watchable. Siege thrillers by their very definition are exciting, and this one is no exception. Granted, The Negotiator is totally conventional fare, but within its limitations it remains a well-crafted, absorbing and agreeable offering.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca9 / 10

An expertly-crafted story enhances this hostage thriller

This is a tense, exciting suspense thriller, one of those rare gems which turns up every few years or so to be forgotten by mainstream audiences and which is yet loved by all those who have seen it. This near-perfect film has a lengthy running time but never outstays its welcome, and comes across as a mixture of DIE HARD and DOG DAY AFTERNOON. In many scenes the tension is worked up to breaking point as things get more and more out of hand as time progresses.

Excellent performances also help to add to the entertainment level here, especially from Samuel L. Jackson as the negotiator turned hostage taker. Jackson is charismatic and likable in this particular role and has the viewer rooting for him throughout. Likewise, Kevin Spacey turns up and lends his usual cool charm to the proceedings, delighting in opportunities for his character to lose his temper at intervals and go off his rocker. A nice supporting case also flesh out supporting roles, including the ever-dependable David Morse, and the fantastic J. T. Walsh, whose last film this was, unfortunately.

There are a couple of hi-octane action sequences on occasion which appear to be a little cheesy, but this is mainly a thriller full of taut dialogue, loads and loads of plot twists, and characters who may or may not be as innocent as they first appear. I defy anybody to sit through this without getting engrossed in the expertly-crafted story and sucked into the situation. It's definitely one of my favourites of the decade.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle6 / 10

overwrought thriller

Top Chicago police negotiator Danny Roman (Samuel L. Jackson) is warned by detective Nate Roenick that money is missing from police pension funds. Nate is killed and Danny is framed for it. Internal Affairs Terence Niebaum (J.T. Walsh) investigates. Offshore accounts in Danny's name are found. Danny suspects Niebaum's involvement and takes him, his assistant Maggie (Siobhan Fallon),police commander Grant Frost (Ron Rifkin) and petty criminal Rudy Timmons (Paul Giamatti) as hostages. Danny uses his negotiating skills to demand outsider negotiator Chris Sabian (Kevin Spacey) as he tries to find Nate's secret informant. Chief Al Travis (John Spencer) and Commander Adam Beck (David Morse) seems intent on taking down Danny.

Instead of suspense, this movie goes for overwrought thriller action. Samuel L. Jackson is in his full glory. It has its appeal but the central investigation holds very little interest. Director F. Gary Gray's music video roots are showing. It's fun overblown intensity but it doesn't stick.

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