The Mole: Undercover in North Korea


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by freddy_at_home10 / 10

A really great documentary about corruption and power! A MUST SEE!

I must say I enjoyed this documentary very much. Exciting to learn about North Korea and how it all works, going around the system and international laws. It's like "I can't believe" how easy that sounds. If I had some million Euro or Dollars, I could be part of a lot of shady stuff. It's just very interesting.

They got so much info, video and photos, I'm impressed. They really did a great job, all involved. I found the "Mr. James" guy especially exciting. He did the part like an award winning actor. He looked the part, had the right part and skillset. Impressive!

Also the retired chef, such a natural calm, kinda geeky and "boring" guy, living his life, just being undercover for so long. Doing all that. That dude is a lot tougher than he looks. Respect!

This is ABSOLUTELY worth a watch! Great from beginning to end 10/10

Reviewed by OJT10 / 10

Amazing stuff, once more Walraff Brügger

Mads Brügger is better than ever when he uses others as walraff mole to uncover the nasty secrets of North Korea and their disiples. I was tied to the screen for every second of this, and if you ever thought that the North Korean regime was up to any good, you'll learn better from this. This is very important work, and kudos to the two moles. Fantastic work, and important work for world human community.

Reviewed by mf281210 / 10

Mind Blowing!

I honestly can't get my head around anyone who thinks this is worthy of anything under 8. Folk saying about bad directorship or anything along those lines are thick as s##t! It's more an expose than a typical documentary but that's because it had so many hidden cameras. What were you expecting? Some beautiful cinematography?! This guy spent 10 years of his life on the line and people are giving it 1 star. Unbelievable. For anyone with half a brain I fully recommend this. Stunning.

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