The Model

2016 [DANISH]

Action / Drama

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Ed Skrein as Shane White
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Marco Ilsø as Frederik
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kosmasp7 / 10

The Neon Model

Maybe without the Neon and definitely not as good as the Refn movie I'm referring too. But still quite good for a B-movie with a similar story. The life of models is a tough one you see? But how tough and how people are handling the issues that arise depends on the person themselves and how they act and react to certain situations.

Having said that, be aware that there is nudity, though that should not be the main selling point nor the main reason why you should avoid it (hopefully). Very powerful performances and a really good well thought of script (with some clichés thrown in for good measure of course as always),that will keep the suspense up until the end.

Reviewed by juanmuscle10 / 10

I don't know about dreams...

At first I was like wt, what is going on here, this small town chick arrives at Frances hauter culture to become a big time model , her dream is Chanel covers and everything that comes with it, but soon things unravel as the story unfurls with some madcap fun of course...

I felt like this should of been a series or a novel as it skipped big chunks of information from scene to scene, big leaps forward were unduly revealing their potent intelligence unbeknownst to us as if the writing could not bear the strictures of film's terribly chocking timeline...

But then who cares, a huge leap there and now here and soon we have all we need in this strange hodge podge of broken scenes muddled together ; and we get it, its film, sometimes that's the price everyone pays, I've always said some movies that people complain about or even pan are not that bad they just need a bit more time to sort themselves out, they perhaps are in the wrong medium , but really in film law do we have to end a film under 2 hours? I mean who really cares, if there is financing and the script demands a designated enumeration of progressive scenes to collate together such that all will flow in a more natural fashion lest the time restraints produce the good ol' fashion contrived third act; this happens a lot where the first two acts are dreamy and ethereal affording the viewer the opportunity by the by to melt with the story line in an appealing fashion and then here comes the end right around the corner ramming mercilessly the last bits of very crucial information down our chroats without pity or remorse and we leave jilted and scorned.

But here it worked for the final scene really sets up everything we invested in the story in a neat and sort of interesting Hithcocanian with vestiges of Twilight Zone fame.

Yes this worked, and yes I think it could of used a few extra scenes, perhaps just under five minutes but who knows, those extra five minutes could amount to millions at the end of a film working days so , I take what I get and run with it, here , the ending came hard and fast but not unlike the lifestyle , it too runs fast and hard over the participants...

It was very good, I would recommend it...

Reviewed by bjarias4 / 10

... is-she-that-special

... would a highly successful fashion-photographer get involved w-a teenager having not a clue regarding her-actual-age ... highly-unlikely... & that's basically most important bit regarding entire production... (can that be a spoiler) ... boring-script uninteresting-characters... (FTR Palm was born in '93)

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