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Reviewed by mark-lund2 / 10

Poorly Done

Rented this on vimeo.

Waking up at 5am is great but this film is not. How did they spent a quarter of a million on this??!! This looks like an extended youtube video that can be done for a few hundred on some smart phones, if even that (if you borrow the phones!). Hire me next time!

Okay okay, they used good cameras and the editing was decent. Hence, the two stars!

The soundtrack was also terrible. There was no unifying theme or narrative. I mean if your gonna spend 250k...

It seems like they got together with a bunch of coaches and speakers to peddle their products and pat each other on the back. There was no critical thought or deeper analysis of what exactly is so revolutionary about waking at at 5am and doing this hour long power routine.

I say skip the routine and get to work! These easy wins will not make you strong when you gotta face the serious challenges of being an entrepreneur. When you get your life into alignment, you wake up feeling awesome. Do that easy stuff later after your work is DONE.

And 10 minutes is a good start for those six things mentioned: silence, affirmations, visualisation, exercise, reading, scribing.

But not enough if you want to truly TRANSFORM your entire life and become super-human!

I also don't care for watching grown adults cry in front of a camera. It seems that this is done a lot in American productions because people are into this kind of high-stimulating emotional drama. It is not a sign of strength if you have zero emotional control. Wake up and GROW UP.

That said, good to see that Hal recovered. I'm just wondering if all that was dramatised for this film... who knows. I am sure at least some of it was. Fair enough... I would probably do it too!

One more thing: putting butter in your smoothie is a terrible idea. Just eat plants. Go vegan. Invest in cryptos. Drink water. Quit all drugs and stimulants. Nofap will turn you into a living god walking amongst mortal men... Not kidding!

Come find me if this review insulted you. I want to empower you. And dismantle your limiting beliefs. Wake up at 3am. You should be working by 5am. If you have people who don't support your empire, leave them, fire them. FIRE IN THE HEART!!!

Well, this is my first review here. Sometimes I get a little too excited...


Mark Lund truthortity (dot) org.

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