The Midnight Swim


Action / Drama / Horror / Mystery

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh85%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled55%
IMDb Rating5.0101010

woman directorlakediver

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by discerninguser1 / 10

Pretentious muddled film

This is not a horror film, rather it is semi drama and semi pseudo-philosophical tripe, which ends up making no sense. Waste of time watching it.

Reviewed by Spike_the_Cactus8 / 10

A Good Drama. It's Not a Horror

It's difficult to recommend this as it blends different genres in a very specific way. It's found footage with non-FF elements. It's mostly a drama about three grieving sisters, but with a supernatural undertone. For some it could be too much of a family drama. For others it could have too much creepy stuff.

I'm a fan of FF horror films, and that's what led me to The Midnight Swim. It starts to go down that path with the mythology of the lake, but for horror fans it's best to think of the film only dipping its toe in. The real story is the relationship between the sisters, and dealing with grief. Despite not expecting the film to go in that direction I was pleasantly surprised. There are some stunning shots, superb acting, and a moving exploration of dying and rebirth. All of which is interwoven into an old ghost story.

Reviewed by JvH484 / 10

Failed on all counts, except for casting and acting. No interesting developments, no interesting family secrets revealed, and I missed creepiness all over

Saw this at the IMAGINE film festival 2015 in Amsterdam. It missed all potential chances to be interesting, in spite of the many recommendations one can derive from the synopsis on the festival website. The introductory talk of the festival programmer was also very positive, which fully explains the even-so positive tone on the website. But I disagree.

Something happens all the time, so the movie is not boring on itself. But the proceedings disappointed and are only mildly interesting. I did not notice anything noteworthy in the controversies between the sisters and/or hidden problems with their mother. Maybe that sort of relational drama is important for romcom fans, but not for me. Many seemingly deep symbolisms about the "seven sisters" constellation, with one star hardly visible (like the youngest sister who is filming all this, and her sisters don't really count her for full as we find out),the birds that fly themselves to death against the window (one each day),and so on. All of that are attempts to suggest some hidden meanings, but it went all past me.

Anyway, the festival audience thought not much of this film. It ranked lowest for the audience award with average score 4.90 out of 10. To add insult to injury: I'm wondering who filmed the final scene, as I don't think this is a "found footage" category of film.

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