The Mason Brothers


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer7 / 10

Surprsingly good...and essentially a re-imagining of "Reservoir Dogs"

The Mason Brothers is a film with so many similarities to Reservoir Dogs that it surprised me. Both are about a botched holdup and the way the gang responds to it, both involve some of the gang getting killed during this holdup, the story is peppered with very tough language (the number of f-bombs is very much in the tradition of Tarantino…and the director, Keith Sutliff, is also a major character in the film. With so much being similar, is it still worth seeing? Well, I certainly wouldn't watch the movie with my mother or Father O'Malley…but if you like Tarantino, you'll probably find a lot to enjoy in this one.

The story begins just after the botched holdup. The Mason brothers are angry…not only because some other gang attacked them just as they were about to make off with $10,000,000 but their youngest brother was killed in the incident. The brothers want answers and they haven't got any. The bulk of the film is the three brothers looking for answers… and torturing the crap out of several of the other gang in order to get some answers.

The thing I was impressed with from the very start was the music. It was tense and very appropriate to the movie. Additionally, although this is a picture mostly starring inexperienced actors, they all gave exceptional performances and made it all seem very real. For a low-budget film, you get a lot of bang for your buck. But, on the negative side, a few of the very violent scenes are hard to watch and you can't help but feel that it's a remake of the Tarantino flick…a very good one, however.

Reviewed by neener37076 / 10

Reservoir Dogs Re-Written, And Not Bad

At its core, the story is very similar to Reservoir Dogs, a bank heist goes horribly wrong, a crew man is shot, the bank robbers then seek answers while violently bickering among each other. But there are some key differences. In this film, its another bank robbery crew that violently interrupts the main characters robbery, the characters are also all brothers, plus the film is set in more modern times. But how does it compare to Reservoir Dogs. Well obviously its not nearly as good, but the film is also not bad by any means. With solid acting, writing good enough to keep you interested, an a fantastic musical score.

So what was good and what was bad. Well first off some of the acting was good. A few of the actors did a serviceable job portraying their characters, while a few others don't appear to be acting, just being themselves on camera. The musical score was also top notch, I felt like it really complimented the film well. And finally, the writing is moderately good enough to keep me interested in how the story would end. The cinematography was nothing special, very average shooting with little to no artistic direction.

So would I recommend this film? I don't really know, i suppose if you like Reservoir Dogs, you might like it, but then again you might not, its up to you.

Reviewed by sinischism1 / 10

Brutal, Just Brutal (and not in a good way)

From some of the other reviews I was indeed expecting a bit of a 'Reservoir Dog"-ish type of dynamic. And although at the very basic level this film does have a somewhat similar plot line, the acting, execution, characters, and in particularly the ending, are absolutely horrid.

I usually don't go by the really negative reviews on here where people give an extremely low rating (i.e 1 or 2) but this movie absolutely deserves it.

Not too much else to say other than stay AWAY from this piece of garbage. There are an infinite amount of other similar types of movies that are also infinitely better.

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