The Man from the Future


Comedy / Fantasy / Romance / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright69%
IMDb Rating6.9106487

time travel

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Wagner Moura as Zero
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by daveleejoiner10 / 10

great movie

this movie is subtitled, but so what, reading isn't that difficult and this movie was so very refreshing from Hollywood movies written by robots, an actual story and get this, characters ! brilliant soundtrack, great story, what's not to like about this film, the soundtrack is great, have i said great too many times regarding this film ? sorry but it just a great film, watch it.

Reviewed by abcvision8 / 10

Bring it on..

What if you could go back and change those awkward moments? Those defining moments that caused hurt and pain? In the movie The Man From the Future, Zero (Wagner Moura) is such a man, one who has taken an unexpected path, but it did not live up to his dreams. After fate has him discover a quirk in the universe where he can travel time, he goes back to 1991 to see if he could shift his life's destiny. This movie is really Back to the Future without the Delorean, it has some quirky funny scenes, this movie makes for a fun tale that makes you think, "would I want to change things even if it results in unexpected consequences?" Check it out. I saw this movie as part of the Atlanta Film Festival.

Reviewed by the_oak6 / 10

Nice to see brazilian nerds, but still too happy

Sometimes you would think that all brazilians are happy and extrovert and go to the beach every chance they get. Here we actually get to meet brazilian nerds and outcasts. That is a relief! There are some nice effects and an interesting plot about going back in time to try to correct your miserable life. I also liked the twists and the message that "hey, you must be quite self absorbed to not see that life is painful, it is not only you who struggle!" But for me it is a disappointment that the real message of this movie is that you must get rich and get the prettiest woman and go to parties to be truly happy. Maybe this is the identity of the brazilian dream, but I liked the brazilian introvert who is happy still, knowing that life has its ups and downs.

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