The Man from Majorca

1984 [SWEDISH]

Action / Crime / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by BeneCumb8 / 10

An underestimated crime drama with a difference

I am fond of Scandinavian (particularly Swedish and Danish) crime thrillers and I have tried to watch them as much as possible. It is not often that you come across with respective films before 1990ies as the international boom and fame started after that.

Still, Bo Widerberg is a film-maker worth (re-)discovering, as his approach is different from ordinary Beck-Wallander type of series. They have more action and twists, are less static, contain scenes and lines that make you giggle, and policemen are "ordinary" persons with their odd apprehensions and weaknesses... Additionally, a good overview of the 1980ies Stockholm, with the clear domination of Volvos and Saabs. In spite of some similarities with famous thrillers from the prior decade, the film in question is an independent witty story, not a copy or remake adapted for Sweden. Performances are good as well, I particularly liked Sven Wollter as Jarnebring and Ernst Günther as Dahlgren.

Well, the ending is realistic, but creates a kind of discontent, as the story is not round up in "clear" manner. Nevertheless, based on the circumstances above, Mannen från Mallorca is a film that could be shown on TV or cinematheques more often.

Reviewed by jonathan-747-4616210 / 10

Close to perfection

It's rare to see a movie that is almost without a fault. This is one of them, although you might have had to have experienced Sweden in the 1980s to get the full impacct - and not to find some of the sub-plots or plot points improbable. The reality behind the movie, as eloquently elaborated on in "Call Girl" (2012) starring Pernilla August, was actually even uglier, and the author of the book - criminology professor and police expert Leif GW Persson - this movie is based on had a pivotal role himself in the real-life scandal. This paves the way for a great deal of authenticity, and the director Bo Widerberg pours all of his considerable talent into establishing that even further - yes, life really was that bleak, and the score actually *sounds* like the way it all looked and felt. However, Widerberg adds to that a great deal of suspense and action; a very great deal, even, especially for a Swedish movie of the time. The eerie footage of the villain and his car, for instance, is of Hitchcock class. Some of the finest actors available in those days also contribute memorable performances. Nobody can tell a whole story through a simple sigh as Tommy Johnsson did; the apparent disillusionment and overwork burden of Andersson is told only by Håkan Serner's fatigued-but-hopeful facial expression, and the walrus-like, condescending fatberg Dahlgren becomes equally likeable and revolting when played by Ernst Günther - not much needs to be said of the mutual dislike between him and the detective heroes. Speaking of which, Thomas von Brömssen acts out Johansson's heartbreaking backstory with enough subtlety for us to feel it and ache for it without it becoming preachy. The political dimension of the film also becomes apparent only as the plot unfolds, leading up to... well, let's just say it isn't your standard cop flick. In short, Widerberg manages to internalise the suspense into his audience, making it ever more powerful than it could have otherwise become.

Reviewed by stefan-1447 / 10

Thriller held in a firm grip

Director Widerberg could do very well in widely separate genres. He did a few crime stories on cinema, but never just for the 'who dunnit'. There had to be a burning social message, something rotting in the kingdom.

Here it sure is. The Leif GW Persson novel, on which the film is based, is about misuse of power, all the way up. The novel is actually loosely based on a political scandal in Sweden, which Persson was involved in revealing.

Widerberg's movie has got several qualities, way beyond that of creating a thrill. With a very firm grip, of the kind only somebody that skilled as a director can have, he tightens the suspense, intensifies the conflict, broadens the importance of what takes place, until the film becomes an unpleasant, but in its own way accurate, revelation about modern society. And it's a good thrill, too.

A trivia of interest to none but me, I guess, is that one of the locations is my apartment at that time.

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