The Lost Future


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Reviewed by elliott782128 / 10

Enjoyed it Very Much Above Average SyFy Fun

Don't believe all the haters this was miles above the usual SyFy channels movies. Sean Bean while he has a small part adds a bit of validation to the Film. Reminded me a little of 10,000BC, the few special effects pieces were well done, acting was good overall. The movie moves along at a nice pace and you really care about the characters. Add to the mix some Zombies and you have a great evening of popcorn munching fun for home viewing if this were out on DVD I would probably rent it for my friends who haven't seen it. Beautiful Cinematography really captures the sites and help to draw you in to the overall story.

Reviewed by Theo Robertson5 / 10

Very Average Quest Story

I had high hopes for THE LOST FUTURE . A post apocalypse adventure where a handful of survivors continue the struggle in the face of insurmountable odds . There's the added bonus of it starring Sean Bean and while that alone is no guarantee of high quality at least it hints heavily that this might be better in the way of something deserving in the region of three out of ten as many of these American productions deserve . That said as THE LOST FUTURE I quickly realised this was a production by the notorious SyFy channel and that alone gets alarm bells ringing very loudly

The film does get off to a generally bad start . Any type of recognisable very near future scenario along the lines of a John Wyndham novel is gone and humanity has degenerated in to the level of civilisation to that of the bronze age . In this case it's difficult to think of it as any type of post apocalypse drama except for a plot point where some of the survivors are referred to as " mutants " and carry their infection to other human survivors where you'll instantly be reminded of the infected from 28 DAYS LATER . As it turns out this infection carried by the mutants can be cured by a mysterious yellow powder where Amal ( That's Arabic for hope . No coincidence ) , the character played by Sean Bean has an inkling where it might be found in abundance so he leads a trio of young noble cypher people on a quest to find this cure . . It's not post apocalypse fiction at all but much more in keeping with a LORD OF THE RINGS clone , a feeling reinforced by Bean's casting where he spouts Shakspearian type dialogue . It's not a bad film but at the same time not a film that exceeds average at best

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho7 / 10

Underrated Adventure

In a post-apocalyptic world, a group of survivors led by Uri (Tertius Meintjes) and the ancients are organized in tribe, in a primitive society without technology and lives in a small village in the Grey Rock National Park surrounded by beasts that transmit a disease that transforms the victims in mutants. Uri's son Savan (Corey Sevier) is the best hunter of their tribe and successor of his father, while Kaleb (Sam Claflin) is the best tracker and together with his sister Miru (Eleanor Tomlinson),they are the only survivors that can read and writer. Their father Jaret believed that it might exist other survivors outside Grey Rock and left them alone to wander around the area. Kaled is a dreamer and secretly loves Savan's woman Dorel (Annabelle Wallis).

When the beats surprisingly attack Uri's hamlet, a group runs to a cave and block the entrance with logs. Kaleb saves Dorel from a beast and sooner Savan meets them. Out of the blue, the stranger Amal (Sean Bean) approaches to the trio and invites them to join his family, composed by his wife Neenah (Jessica Haines) and their son Persk that lives in the outskirt of Grey Rock protected by a river. Sooner Amal discloses to them that Jaret had found the formula of a yellow powder that cures the sick persons. However, the evil Gagen (Jonathan Pienaar) had stolen the powder and kept with him. Amal, Savan, Kaleb and Dorel travel together to find Gagen and bring the yellow powder to their tribe.

Yesterday I saw "The Lost Future" and based on the 4.7 IMDb User Rating, I found it an underrated adventure. The story is entertaining and Sean Bean and the unknown actors and actresses have good performances. The special effects are decent and fortunately I did not give credit to the bitter users that were not able to appreciate a pleasant adventure. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "O Futuro Perdido" ("The Lost Future")

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