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Hilarie Burton Photo
Hilarie Burton as Jo Johnston
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Malcolm McDowell as Desmond Larochette
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Will Patton as Michael Harriston
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Pat Hingle as Gus Eicholtz
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sthrn56710 / 10

Great southern film.

Heard about this film from a bunch of friends. Didn't know much about the story going in and man was I blown away.

Great cast (McDowell is as good as he's been in recent years... and Hilarie Burton. Where did she come from?),beautifully shot (trust me... I live in the South and this one captures it in all it's beauty) and a really intriguing story. Lot's of great inside Southern jokes. The theater was packed and everyone seemed to have a great time.

Pat Hingle and Will Patton both do great in small roles. My wife cried many times too.

If it is not playing in your area, I'd recommend you rent it the day it comes out.

Reviewed by pjnbarb1 / 10

Very disgusted

I believe in keeping religion out of government and out of the movies. When I want a sermon, I'll go to church, but I don't want one from a movie. I don't mind some supernatural themes, (after all, religion is about as supernatural as you can get!) but this movie had so much preaching in it that I was really annoyed. The landlady reminded me of witches that of seen in other movies. The bad guy even looked like he had horns.

And what a silly ending: the hero went into the meeting and yelled at all of those old men, and that broke the spell. If only life were that simple. I think that when movies are that stupid, they ought to be distributed with a warning: DANGER! PREACHING CONTAINED HEREIN!

Reviewed by chrichtonsworld4 / 10

A Christian movie disguised as a mystery thriller

At the beginning we get to see the start of a secret council of some sorts. It all looks very promising from the get go. With some supernatural elements thrown in, the mystery gets more interesting by the minute. The main character who seems like a good bloke gets into trouble because of his claim for money he is entitled to (temptation) and other factors. You really empathize with the guy and you want to know what exactly is going on. Normally a person in his situation would have several options. Somehow he does not have those options. In this movie there only seems to be one solution even when it is clear it is not his fault. Out of the blue he encounters characters who talk about church,prayer and God. And they provide the answer for his problem. It should be obvious at a point in the movie what this solution is. Now let me say that there is nothing wrong with this message. Since it always is helpful. But was it really necessary to disguise this message. This religious element actually ruined the viewing experience for me. While the message is good,it's simplicity can't escape the fact that in real life more needs to happen to resolve issues presented in this movie. The mystery that is presented to us never gets solved. In stead you are forced to deal with another topic that essentially has nothing to do with the plot. Don't get fooled because of Malcolm Mcdowell. The once brilliant actor is adequate,but if you watch closely you will see that he is not serious at all. He really must be desperate for money. Otherwise what would posses an actor of his caliber to act in a movie like this.

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