The Last Shaman


Action / Adventure / Documentary / Drama / Family

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten40%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright72%
IMDb Rating6.6101958


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by alex_i-305199 / 10


This is a very human film. Now dont get me wrong, there were parts I felt was slightly.. I dont know, hippy, but it really didn't take from the film. What I found the most beautiful part, is the change in his eyes at the end of the film. His eyes at the beginning had no life, there's a sparkle by the end.

Reviewed by Mivas_Greece6 / 10

A very well-made documentary style film about a journey to fight depression, a plague of our times. Recommended to everyone!

Documentary-style film. So a young person gradually sinks into depression, seeing the fast and pressing rhythms of life, really loses the meaning of life, doesn't know what to do. He follows what the doctors suggest, but all treatments are just symptomatic, they don't solve the problem... So he's thinking, if no solution is found, he's going to put an end to this at some point. So he accidentally hears about shamans and some plants in Latin America and decides to leave on his own, to make a journey to salvation. It's quite difficult, of course, to trust someone, since many just look at profit and don't offer a cure. So a long journey until he finds someone who can really help and doesn't look at profit. He will go through some stages that will make him not solve depression at once, but to be able to really start fighting it for the first time. A fairly interesting documentary-style film about depression and all the futility of so-called Western society, which is actually all developed countries. It is not its structure in the style of a normal film, but more a documentary about the journey to salvation. Definitely recommended and it's something different, it won't tire you at all.

Reviewed by fmwongmd5 / 10

Dealing with depression

A difficult to watch story of depression seeking help from Peruvian hallucinogens.

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