The Last Sentinel


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Keith David as Col. Norton / Gun Voice 2
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Bokeem Woodbine as Anchilles
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Steven Bauer as Drone Scientist
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Uriah434 / 10

Not a Top-of-the-Line Movie by Any Means

In a futuristic setting automated drones which were initially created to help humans have rebelled and are now attempting to destroy all of mankind. The only chance available to the human race are electronically enhanced soldiers who are patched into the computerized rifle they carry with an eye cap implant. The computerization is so advanced that it becomes a part of the soldier and communicates verbally with him. However, the drones are even more advanced and after several hard-fought battles only one soldier by the name of "Tallis" (Don Wilson) is left alive. As luck would have it though he manages to rescue an injured woman (played by Katee Sackhoff) who belongs to a "para-military" group desperately attempting to destroy a drone communication center. Although she is nowhere near as capable as Tallis she at least gives him a long-lost sense of purpose and they soon team up to fight the numerically superior drone army by themselves. Anyway, rather than detail any more of the film and possibly spoil the movie for those who haven't seen it I will just say that while there was plenty of action it could have been much better if it had had a better script. Be that as it may, those who enjoy apocalyptic sci-fi films might find something to like but even so it's still not a top-of-the-line movie by any means. That said I have to rate it as slightly below average.

Reviewed by dragonhawk-imdb2 / 10

Oh. My. God. What a bad movie.

This is the worst movie I've seen in some time. It starts off with a mildly interesting -- if rather unoriginal -- premise: Man's technology has turned against it's creator. This has been done a million times, of course, but it can still yield an entertaining action flick if done well.

This was not done well.

The script must have been painful to read. I would feel sorry for any actor asked to work with such excrement. To see Don Wilson and Katee Sackhoff, both of whom have much more potential, forced to wade through this quagmire was just sad. You know you've got script problems when the best dialog comes from a crazy, talking gun.

A plot would have been nice, too. And, no this movie doesn't have a plot. It has a premise. There's a difference. The entire movie consists of: "These are the bad guys. They shoot at us. We shoot at them." There were endless scenes of running and gunning, with a few scenes of sitting talking about the next/previous run-and-gun scene.

One major annoying aspect was that the movie couldn't seem to make up it's mind if Katee Sackhoff was supposed to be the tough, independent type or the "maiden in distress" type.

The absolutely gratuitous and completely unbelievable romantic parts were just pathetic. It was like somebody said, "Insert a romantic gesture here." Monotonous sets, and only two of them. Footage was re-used. Annoying, obvious clichés (storm troopers in masks, bad guys who cannot hit anything they shoot at, tracking device in the skull). Outright contradictions in places.

The only reason I give it 2 and not 1 is that the pyro effects and sets, while totally uninspired, were at least competently done.

The best part of this movie is the ending. Not the final scenes -- the fact that it ended.

Reviewed by jt_3d6 / 10

Support Your Local Drone Police.

While I appreciate those who have decided how I should vote this movie, I prefer to set my own score.

I guess I'm the only one who didn't watch this because of Katee Sackoff. I didn't know she was in it until she showed up. Who doesn't like to watch human killing drones getting mowed down by the dozen? Too much action in an action movie? Pah! Give me tons of robot slaughter and explosions.

I would have liked to see more of Bokeem Woodbine's Anchilles. He had style. Katee 'The Girl' Sackoff was good too. Keith David's voice of the gun and mad Colonel Norton added a lot to this movie. Don Wilson, alas, was the weakest link. Norton and Anchilles were EEs too but they showed some personality. Not so with Tallis. I guess you could say that being the last of the best put him in a bad mood. I attribute it to bad acting or not acting really. No matter, he takes out drones and I like that.

This is a low budget movie and it shows. It's so low budget the director blew up one of his own cars in it. (The BMW that the resistance van crashes into.) It's mostly about blowing away drones because the storyline is simple. Drones take over the planet. Last hero has to take it back by destroying the drone control room. Easy. Should take about 10 minutes so drone slaughter has to take up the rest of the time. They could have used some of the time for back story, like how the drones took over, but they didn't. The brief snippets of drone propaganda don't tell you enough. I assume drones were invented to augment the police and were gradually given more and more responsibility until they replaced human police all together. Then, after it's too late, the humans change their mind and try to get rid of the drones. But the drones like being in charge and fight back. I don't know, it's not explained.

But I like it well enough. 6/10

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