The Last Run


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

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George C. Scott Photo
George C. Scott as Harry Garmes
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Trish Van Devere as Claudie Scherrer
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Colleen Dewhurst as Monique
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rkbyers10 / 10

A Race to the End

Subtlety is everything in understanding the Last Run. It is a movie about lost dreams and lives that didn't turn out quite like things were planned. The protagonist is not old Harry Garmes, retired and living the good life, a beautiful spot in seaside Portugal. If anything, Harry is the antagonist: he is the one who made it past all the danger only to be caught up in the real web of life. Harry thought life would be perfect, but it isn't. He wakes up at the beginning of this film and discovers he has nothing, despite having almost everything he thought he wanted. As others have said, this is existential, to be sure, but so beautifully sublime, I could only wish more movies were made like this, replete with beautiful cars for those who know, in contrast to the flashy but horrid handling boats like the bloated 428 Mustangs.

The protagonist is the car, the exquisite BMW 503. Harry comes back to the car, not all the other things surrounding the plot. He resurrects the car along with himself. Watch the careful way he sets the floats, listens to the engine the old way, with a rubber tube. He does it carefully, step by step dusting himself off at the same time. he does it with devotion and love. Harry knows that things aren't as important as living and he only feels alive when driving the car. Harry comes alive when he is driving "her" and he is only too happy to make one more run for his old employer's friends. He wants to feel again, something that the pain of life has beaten out of him slowly. Remember, Harry retired 9 years before;he knows he's a dinosaur, just like his car. He knows he is dying, albeit of complacency and scar tissue, and wants a chance at life... one more chance to be alive. He wants to dance with someone he loves. His driving mirrors real life. His love is really the car, the only thing he has left of which he is capable of loving, Trish Van Devere's underwear notwithstanding. To any car buff, the sound of the supercharger engaged in this car is a thrill beyond measure. There are no fat tires, no suspensions on the ground, no huge engines. In fact, the 503, cum supercharger wasn't even all that fast in its day. In 1971, the XJ6 with a 4.2 liter engine would have made a good match for the old Beemer. Tony Musante is perfect in the guise of the young action oriented hit-man who can only have fun by hurting and killing things. It's a perfect scenario of the modern world steamrolling art. When you add the scenery and a gorgeous Trish Van Devere, who I think later married George C., Colleen Dewhurst, whose acting is stunning, how can anyone think of a better action movie? Subtlety in art is better than flash and tinsel. Nevertheless, maybe it would lose in a ballot to what passes for art these days.

Reviewed by LDRose8 / 10

Memorable ride

George C Scott plays Harry Garmes, a former getaway driver who comes out of retirement to prove to himself he hasn't lost his touch. He lives in a small Portugese fishing village, but he isn't fulfilled; he views retirement as preparation for death and goes behind the wheel again to inject some vitality into his existence. What promises to be a straightforward job, however, brings him unexpected challenges. The film boasts suspenseful car chases, impressive cinematography, a good script and a compelling performance from George C Scott as the cynical driver who gets more than he bargains for as he chauffeurs an escaped prisoner and his girlfriend across country. The film is thought-provoking, it deals with love, death, regret, frustration and determination, and coupled with tension and suspense makes it a memorable ride.

Reviewed by Nazi_Fighter_David7 / 10

One of the most beautifully photographed chase thriller...

The story is simple... George C. Scott, a retired Chicago gangster, whose specialty in the old days was as a wheelman, lives in Spain... For various reasons, he agrees to drive an escaped convict (Tony Musante) and his girl (Trish Van Devere) across the country in a getaway drive from the Guardia Civil and rival gangsters...

The twist is that the ex-gangster genuinely loves automobiles... In his garage he has a super charged 1957 BMW 503, one of the prettiest sporting cars ever built, and Scott cares for this vehicle almost with the love he would give a woman...

Forced to drive it too far and too fast with the 'blower' cut in, he complains that it will ruin the motor, a thought about the internal-combustion engine which movie drivers never seem to have... When, at the end of the film, he crashes the car, it is obvious that he will then sacrifice his life for the hoodlum and the girl, because there is nothing left for him...

Colleen Dewhurst (who was Mrs. Scott) is also featured in this exciting, and certainly, one of the most beautifully photographed chase thriller...

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