The Last Deadly Mission

2008 [FRENCH]

Crime / Drama / Thriller

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Daniel Auteuil as Louis Schneider
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho8 / 10

Bleak, Sordid and Realistic Detective Story

In Marseilles, the discredited and alcoholic Detective Schneider (Daniel Auteuil) hijacks a bus and forces the bus driver with a gun to drive him home. He is arrested by the swat force and his washed up career in the police department practically ends. Schneider is removed from the investigation of a serial-killer that is committing hideous crimes against women and assigned to a bureaucratic work in the night-shift in the precinct. Through glimpses from his recollections, Schneider recalls the tragic accident that killed his daughter and left his wife trapped to a bed and life support system. Meanwhile, the sick criminal Charles Subra (Philippe Nahon),who killed the parents of two girls many years ago, convinces the probation committee in the prison that he has found God and is regenerated and may be released. Justine (Olivia Bonamy),one of the daughters that survived, has never overcome the trauma of her loss and is worried with the possibility of the freedom of the criminal. When Schneider discovers the identity of the serial-killer, he finds also the corruption in the high command of the police, and he decides to go to his last mission on Earth in his descent to Hell.

The impressive "MR 73" is a bleak, sordid and realistic detective story from the writer and director Oliver Marchal, who is also the author of "36 Quai des Orfèvres" and "Gangsters". This movie is a dramatic story, describing in a slow pace the descent to Hell of a detective after a tragedy caused by his love affair with a colleague. The police department is filthy and corrupt, and we see that these qualities apparently are worldwide, and not only in Third World countries. The performance of Daniel Auteuil worth an Oscar nomination and the conclusion is the only moment of hope along the whole gruesome tale. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "MR 73 – A Última Mussão" ("MR 73 – The Last Mission")

Reviewed by searchanddestroy-110 / 10

Probably the most desperate thriller of all time.

Do not go for seeing it if you're in the mood to commit suicide; there would be some work for the undertaker...

This movie would give neurasthenia to a young couple on his weeding day.

The tale of an alcoholic cop whose broken life has led him on the road to perdition. A cop whose the wife is nearly a zombie. A cop with no more friends, except one. A cop who is determined to neutralize, at all cost, a serial killer.

A cop who has nothing more to lose.

Olivier Marchall - ex cop - gives here a masterpiece. Daniel Auteuil is outstanding in the leading character.

It's an awful, terrific story, a nightmarish odyssey for a man on the way to hell.

It reminds me the Hughes Pagan's novels. Pagan is an ex cop himself and a friend of Olivier Marchall.

MR 73 torn me to pieces. I couldn't move a muscle after seeing it.

Reviewed by abisio9 / 10

Probably the most realistic (and tough) cop movie ever made

A couple of years ago, Mr. Marchant delivered 36 Quai Des Orfèvres (basically is the address of the Paris police department); one of the best and most complex cop movies I ever saw; a great film but not perfect. It was not as realistic as I expected; cops were ambitious but no so dirt and the end felt really forced. With MR 73 the realism is all there and if the movie lacks the continuous action of the first one, it improves dramatically aside from a few clichés. The pace however is not Dirty Harry or Lethal Weapon. It is not even Righteous Kill but it is far better than all of them. Based on real and quite tragic events, the story introduces several characters getting related as the events progress. Louis, a drunken and completely finished cop (thanks to tragic family accident and the moral remorse of his own sins). There is a serial killer on the loose (plus other getting out of jail),a few very corrupt cops and a bunch of people more worried on getting rid of problems that to hold the law or protect people. There is not a hint of humor in the movie; in fact it is really terrifying that this tribe of monsters is there to protect us. Giving up more will affect the complex of the narrative. Let's simple state that the end is far more accomplish than the previous movie and the intensity of the situations takes the breath away. A few minutes less could probably had improve the pace, but just because some moments are difficult to bear. Great movie, but aside from the cars there is nothing comparable to American cop movies.

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