The Land Before Time IV: Journey Through the Mists


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Kenneth Mars as Grandpa
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Tress MacNeille as Ali's Mother / Dil
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Jeff Bennett as Petrie / Ichy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird5 / 10

Not a bad sequel, but it isn't a great one either

The original "Land Before Time" is a beautiful, haunting, poignant and timeless masterpiece, I still tear up whether I hear the main theme and at Littlefoot's mother's death. As far as the sequels go, some are good and some are bad. The best ones for me have been "Great Valley Adventure" and "Time of the Great Giving". This one wasn't bad, but it isn't great. Starting with the good, the animation is mostly very nice, not the same visual style as the original, but it is colourful. The rainbow waterfall shot was beautiful. There is also a nice message about friendship and sticking together. The main characters are likable enough with the exception of Cera, Littlefoot is less bossy here, and Ducky still is funny and cute. Ali is a nice addition too. And Spike spoke, that was a great moment! The plot is a nice idea and moves along fairly quickly, and the voice acting of Scott McAfee, Heather Hogan, Linda Gary and Kenneth Mars was excellent. And it was a big bonus hearing that beautiful poignant main theme from the original and in general the incidental music was lovely. However, this is where the bad comes in. I didn't care for the songs, I just found them forgettable but maybe it is just me. I didn't like Cera very much here, I know people who complain that Cera was never a likable character to begin with, maybe so, but I found her particularly bratty here. My main problem were with the villains here, despite the voicing of Tress MacNeille and Jeff Bennett, two extremely talented voice actors, I found Dil and Ichy lame and un-threatening. In general, the dialogue, with the villains primarily was uninspiring. My next gripe is with the sequels in general, this film and most of the other sequels are too short, you never quite feel the depth and the emotional attachment that was there in the original, no matter how hard the makers try. Overall, this isn't bad, but it isn't all that great. 5/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle6 / 10


The Great Valley is still an idyllic paradise but arriving refugees speak of an approaching mist which is a precursor to doom. Littlefoot sets off to find a particular flower for medicine in the land of the mists. He's joined by new friend Ali.

It's a little off with Littlefoot being alone. He needs his friends and they do finally join him. I'm also not sure about a sea turtle as a new friend. I don't see the turtle being able to outrun a crocodile. The mist is over-sold. The story is really straight forward which is fine for a kids movie. It's an hour long. This is fine but don't expect much for adults. This is a kids' movie.

Reviewed by Smells_Like_Cheese5 / 10

Journey Through The Mists

The Land Before Time IV: Journey Through the Mists, the fourth installment into the Land Before Time series. I've been watching the sequels in the Land Before Time series because I'm curious about them, I loved the first Land Before Time and despite the sequels not having the best reputation, I still wanted to see what they were about. So far I really did enjoy the second movie, the third was decent and now Journey Through the Mists is pretty good. I think it's just as good as the third one, there's nothing that really stands out about it, but it still has a very good message about friendship and learning how to make new friends. It's very good for the kids to watch and I'm sure even some of the adults can get into this series as well for some light hearted fun.

Littlefoot notices a longneck herd entering the Great Valley, and informs his grandparents. They tell him that the longnecks are their cousins, and that they must go and greet them. As the Old One, the leader of the herd, tells the residents of the Great Valley that her herd has been migratory since a heavy rain period turned their old home into a marshland called "The Land of Mists", and became the home of many dangerous creatures, Littlefoot meets a longneck girl named Ali, and invites her to play. He introduces her to his friends, but as she is not used to associating with diverse species, she is afraid of them. Grandpa Longneck falls ill, and the Old One notes that the illness is lethal unless the victim eats the petals of the "Night Flower", a flower which can only be found in the Land of Mists. Though Littlefoot is warned that the journey is too dangerous, he feels determined to save his grandfather, and asks Ali to take him there. She agrees, as the two of them make their way, they pass through a cave, and sudden earthquake causes a wall of rocks to crash down, separating them. Ali decides the others will have to help her free Littlefoot, and runs off to get them. Littlefoot, in the meantime, tries to find a way out, and meets Archie, who offers to help him dig through the rocks. They are interrupted by a belly dragger and a sharp beak named Dil and Ichy, who have their minds set to eat them. But Littlefoot's friends are not too far behind as they help Littlefoot and Ali. Together they continue the journey to help save Littlefoot's grandfather.

The Land Before Time IV: Journey Through the Mists is a good animated film that I'm sure if you have an open mind, you'll enjoy it. There is so much dislike for these films, I think it's not just the songs but everyone is so determined that the first was the best and can't accept that there is a newer generation who wants to see new stories with Littlefoot and his friends. Over all I'm enjoying the series, even if it is a little cheesy, so far there hasn't been anything to hate. The fourth installment is a good one so I'm excited for the 5th movie and I'll give you an honest review of that movie as well.


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