The Lady Hermit

1971 [CN]

Action / Drama

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Sammo Kam-Bo Hung as Black Demon's thug
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by freakus8 / 10

A cool movie and a transition point for two action stars

Although the main plot is the standard "young inexperienced student trains under master to defeat evil overlord" story, the fact that both heroic kung fu masters are female adds a welcome turn of events. The fact that they are also engaged in a love triangle also adds another dimension to the plot. Both Cheng Pei-pei and Shih Szu look fabulous in this film and it marks an interesting point in both their careers.

At this point, Cheng Pei-pei had been a major star for the Shaw Brothers for a few years. Enter Shih Szu, only 16 when this film was made. The theme of "young student taking over where master leaves off" is very appropriate for this film as Shih Szu became the Shaw's newest female star.

Reviewed by unbrokenmetal9 / 10

Goes through the roof, literally

Lady Hermit (Pei-pei Cheng) was injured in a fight against a man called Black Demon 3 years ago. Avoiding the rematch, she hides disguised as a serving maid in the house of Master Wang where Chang Chun (the ubiquitous Lo Lieh) also works. Young Cui Ping (Szu Shih) comes to town, as she wants to become Lady Hermit's student in the martial arts. Of course, she does not recognize the maid. But rumors come to Black Demon that Lady Hermit is back, and after he kills Master Wang, Lady Hermit and Cui Ping want revenge - but the problem is, they are both in love with Chang Chun and have to settle this matter between them first...

Wonderful movie. Everything you'd expect from a genre classic of the early 70s is there, blood and tears, love and hate, fights and drama. Not unusual for the time period, violence is close to the edge of cartoon style. Pei-pei Cheng has one scene when she tells 3 rogues she will cut an arm, a leg and the head off one of them each. A few seconds later - whoosh, slash, aaargh - guess what's lying on the floor? An arm, a leg and a head. But there are always the emotional moments, too, which make the characters interesting, for example the storm scene, when the roof is torn off and Lady Hermit offers shelter to Chang Chun. Memorable and highly recommended.

Reviewed by ckormos18 / 10

Yes, but who was that villager?

The story is of a new student taking up an established master to become the next bright star in the martial arts world. This also reflects the situation with Cheng Pei Pei and Shih Szu's acting careers. In "reality versus expectation" Shih Szu made movies until 1988 and Cheng Pei Pei until 2015 (and could return anytime).

I would like to give respectful mention to Hoa Li-Jen ('1911-1978). I call him "Old Snaggletooth" so as not to confuse him with other bit players at Shaw Brothers. He has over 222 movie credits over a 24 year career. He probably played "villager" more than any actor in history. More specifically he played "drunk villager", "villager at execution", "suffering villager" and "old villager". Yes, he could fill an entire village playing one villager at a time. He was not limited to that role as he also played "waiter", "beggar", "rebel", "vendor" and even "mental patient, dies in bed". He seemed to peak at such roles as "kung fu master", "Chief Imperial doctor", and the unsurpassable "Village God". I consider his absolute best career moment to be when he played a relative of Bruce Lee in "Enter the Dragon". In this movie he played "The Explainer". His dialog explains to Shih Szu what is going on with the thugs selling magic tokens to prevent death by ghost.

Lo Lieh has a quiet supporting role here as the Lady Hermit's unrequited love interest. He started as one of the few lead actors proficient in martial arts before acting. He played the ideal hero and peaked with his title role in "King Boxer". After that he was cast primarily as a villain and is remembered as such by most fans. Sadly, when the camera was not rolling, he was always at the end of a lit cigarette and died relatively young because of smoking related causes.

This movie is a classic that all fans of the genre know so my recommendation is meaningless. For the trouble of my review I get to add a number to the ratings and that would be a solid eight out of ten considering the year and genre.

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