The Kate Logan Affair


Drama / Thriller

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Alexis Bledel as Kate Logan
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Mike Paterson as Officer Dawson
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Kate Drummond as RCMP Officer #2
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Katy Breier as Punk Girl
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cosmo_tiger5 / 10

A movie that fans of the Lifetime Channel will like. OK acting, pretty slow and predictable end. I say B-

"We're gonna drive some more, we're gonna find a hotel and I'm gonna do some thinking. There's a way out of this situation that doesn't involve me losing my job and you losing your wife." New to the force officer Kate Logan (Bledel) stops someone she thinks matches the description of a killer. After realizing her mistake she offers to buy him a drink. The two soon begin an affair that leads to secrets and problems that make them regret meeting each other. I wasn't quite sure what to expect from this movie. It didn't really seem like a movie I would like, mostly because it seemed like it would be a "Lifetime" movie. It took about a half hour for anything of substance to happen and about an hour in for me to get interested. The "twist" at the end was OK but very predictable. My main problem with the movie is that the event that causes the spiral of events is so minor that it makes the movie a little unbelievable. Overall, if you like the "Lifetime" channel movies you will like this one. I do and did not. I give it a B-.

Reviewed by david_fam-318-8990182 / 10

Another black eye for the Canadian film industry

As a Canadian, I am once again embarrassed that this nation could have the utter stupidity to make such a horrendous film. From the opening scene it seems to be going somewhere - a young female police officer mistakes a middle-aged French business man for a rapist. Then the plot starts to disintegrate. This young, attractive officer who would probably be more convincing as mini-mouse at Disney World, tracks the man down to "apologize," ask him out on a date despite his being married and return again late at night to drink leading to an inevitable affair. There is a sequence of downright silly events that culminate in the turning point of the movie - he accidentally fires her service revolver in his hotel which is heard by the denizens of the neighbouring room who call the police. They have but a few minutes to get out of there. She insists they escape even though it's absolutely stupid - the bullet is irretrievably stuck in the wall and matches her gun and the room is under his passport. She convinces him to escape or she'll tell his wife about the affair - so they do, against all his instinct, culminating in her killing him in another hotel room to cover this up and keep her job. She is then able to convince fellow officers she was abducted by him and acted in self-defence. The turning point scene is remarkably unbelievable the way it transpires and lacks any semblance of logic. The French man was right - he had no reason to run. There was a ton of other ways to cover it up. How would his wife in France ever find out about an affair? Perhaps the most foolish aspect of the film was the main female officer's shift in character from timid obsequious loser (who's somehow a cop) to cold murderer. They threw in a quick scene of her throwing her alcoholic father out of her house (she told the French man that her father was dead) as if to shed some light on the dark nature of her character. Really? I mean seriously? The "twist" is also extremely predictable - once they flee he is entirely at her mercy. It should not be conceivable that she kills him based on events so far, but by this point the viewer will realize it's a bad film and a murder-cover-up will be used to solve the dilemma. It is an utterly unconvincing disappointing flop of a spectacle. Not to mention the pitiful acting throughout. Quick aside - this is why Canadian films suck - who makes a movie about murder and police where the turning point is accidentally firing a gun at a wall? It pains me to say it - how "Canadian" a story. Do not see this movie. Do not continue to believe that movie titles ending in "affair" usually have intelligent levels of intrigue. Do not waste your time. Canadians - do write your member of parliament to have this director incarcerated.

Reviewed by michinine4 / 10

Interesting idea, but bad execution

I'm a big fan of Alexis since Gilmore Girls. I watch all her movies.

This something less entertaining. The story begins well. The characters are there, the setting. One, a small town cop, played Alexis, and one french visitor/tourist, played by Laurent. But the writer didn't know what to do with them.

How they come together, why all the things happen, it feels forced, it feels way to convenient to be believable. Its OK to have one bad judgment as a character. Maybe two. Even three. But a chain of bad judgments, not out of emotion or situation, but just why there is no other way to advance the story? People should react as people, not as cutout characters following a script. How everything goes down and the final "words", its way to contrived. In no way this would happen like that. Especially foreigners wouldn't go down this route by any measurement.

The characters are played OK. I have wished Alexis would do something else than this. Just for her I give an extra point for trying. If you are a true fan and need to watch all her works, wait for this when it comes in the early morning repeat on public TV.

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