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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by joebloggscity9 / 10

Mr Miyagi is the mentor we all wish we had... A life impacting movie

Is there anything more that can be truly said of this inspiring movie? Possibly it is the most unlikely hit movie that has generated a strong faithful following.

I rewatched it after 30 years on the back of falling for the Cobra Kai series, and loved it every bit as much as when I first saw it. I'm much older but find so many new things to relate to and remind myself of in life.

The premise of the film is simple, but it is almost impossible to explain the impact this movie had on a certain young generation on its release. It was its run in the video market that made it the huge success it became, and so much of it has become part of pop culture be it in its quotable lines and simple action.

What made it stand out was that it clearly was the antithesis of all other martial arts movies of the time which were in a boom period on video rental, but they were all muscle bound and flying around at 100mph. The Karate Kid instead centres on peace, life philosophy, defence and self-betterment.

The crux is the central partnership between the central pair of Mr Miyagi and Daniel, which begins as teacher mentoring pupil but develops into a father & surrogate son relationship.

There are so many layers to this film, and the truth is that the karate is really secondary to all. Any action is short, simple and down to earth. The real fights are for the soul, against bullies and personal defeat. For Mr Miyagi it is a reawakening for him, for Daniel it is a journey of self discovery.

The greatest part is the acting. You simply can't take away from either of the two leads, the chemistry between them is just perfect. Pat Morita plays Mr Miyagi almost effortlessly but perfectly as the mentor to a young insecure Daniel, which becomes a father and surrogate son relationship. If anything the relationship helps bring Mr Miyagi out of his shell. For example, we see inside the soul of Mr Miyagi, and some of his inner torment (i.e. loss of wife & child),and Daniel becomes closer to him for it.

Mr Miyagi is the mentor & father all men wish they had. He practices & teaches peace & self-respect with humour & dignity. Something we can all learn from. His dry wit and personal reserve are humbling to see. Winning the tournament against the bullies is secondary, but the personal development is what comes first.

The Oscar nomination for Pat Morita for the role was deserved, and unfortunate not to win it, but his role has left a lasting legacy and is in the hearts of so many. I can only say to him thank you, and also to all who helped put this wonderful touching film together.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird8 / 10

Appealing, fun and charming

The Karate Kid isn't the best movie ever made, but it is nostalgic, and is appealing, fun and charming. Even with some of the weak spots of the script, and the admittedly formulaic plot, I really like this movie. It is well filmed, has a nice soundtrack, has a good message, some terrific karate sequences and some decent direction. Plus it goes along at a brisk pace. I for one also liked the acting, Ralph Macchio is appealing in the lead, while Pat Morita(always the highly watchable actor, and the actor who elevated the sequels to a more watchable standard) is excellent and it was nice to see the charming Elizabeth Shue. Overall, I like The Karate Kid, even with the flaws, it is nostalgic and enjoyable. 8/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca6 / 10

Beloved 1980s classic

THE KARATE KID is one of those 1980s childhood classics that I somehow never got around to watching until now. I even watched the Italian rip-off, KARATE WARRIOR, before I watched this, alongside the Jackie Chan remake. I was worried that all this avoidance would lead to a disappointing viewing experience, but I needn't have worried; THE KARATE KD has retained its charm.

It's an '80s-era slice of cheese, a family friendly self improvement/tournament movie which comes across as a kiddie version of KICKBOXER or BEST OF THE BEST. At the film's heart is the well-written relationship between Daniel and Mr. Miyagi, and it makes for plenty of warm and amusing sequences. The extended training sequences are the best thing this film has to offer, that and the surprisingly exciting and hard-hitting action-flavoured climax.

Ralph Macchio is fine as the lead character, coming across as likable and streetwise. Pat Morita is also likable enough as Mr. Miyagi, but I wonder what this would have been like with original choice Toshiro Mifune in the role? There are bonus roles for Elizabeth Shue (PIRANHA 3D) as the love interest, the delightfully nasty Martin Kove as a karate instructor, and even Steve McQueen's kid Chad playing a vicious thug. THE KARATE KID certainly isn't a great movie - it has its fair share of flaws, and is pretty dated by modern standards - but it's likable, and that's the key.

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