The Integrity of Joseph Chambers



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh88%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by heybecka10 / 10

Beautiful & Endearing

Beautiful film. I love the way the story slowly unfolds for the viewer you are just pulled into this world so effortlessly. The landscape, the characters make you feel at home but also uneasy, uncertain where they are going to take you. I like to go into a movie not 100% certain which direction is going to go. Being able to put my face in the hands of the writer, Director and the actors.snd this team definitely did not disappoint! What an amazing journey this film was!! I think it's pretty amazing that the film could be so slow paced while holding me on the edge of my seat the entire time. Bravo! Definitely looking forward to seeing more of what this director has to offer!!

Reviewed by tdwillis-262737 / 10

Different and Brilliantly Understated

As I was watching this film, it wasn't long into it, that I start noticing the stupidity of the characters. I suppose that in itself is entertaining, but usually it's more frustrating and maddening. This film definitely doesn't lead you into laughing about the ridiculousness of stupidity either.

I asked myself WHY I continued to watch this movie....clear up to the last 15 minutes. And that is when it became clear.

Then the ending left me with different questions.

I like that!!

I bet many people will not understand or like this movie. I'm not sure I understand it....

All I can say is I liked it. It made me think and feel.

Reviewed by nogodnomasters1 / 10

I want to feed my family

PLOT SPOILERS. Joseph Campell (Clayne Crawford) does not hunt. He lives out in the country where his wife Tess (Jordana Brewster) grew up. She has had her fill of hunters and preppers for something that is not going to happen. Joseph wants to go out and teach himself rather than wait a week. He borrows a gun and a truck and heads out to some woods posted by his neighbor. He makes it to the tree stand in a loud fashion and nearly falls asleep waiting for something to happen. He gets down and goes exploring and playing in the woods, making enough noise to scare off any critter. Joe sees a deer in an open field that is not baited and the deer takes off with Joe in pursuit. At this point, we guess what happens. Joe shoots a fellow hunter. He laments which takes almost as long as the breakfast scene. Having a shovel and pick in the truck. Yup. Turns out the guy is not dead yet. The film takes another impossibly long scene as Joe figures out what to do while talking to the guy who then dies on him. Back to plan A.

The film goes on for a little more. I won't spoil the dumb integrity part, but it does end on another long scene with people sitting and not talking. UGH!

Guide F-word. No sex or nudity. Looks like Jordana Brewster is transitioning from hot D. E. B. S. babe into the mom figure. It was nice while it lasted.

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