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Reviewed by Red-Barracuda6 / 10

Fairly funny but a step down from before

The Inbetweeners was a great TV series, it was followed by a movie spin-off that was pretty good considering how those types of things usually are and now we have a sequel. Both films do that thing that virtually all film versions of TV series do and that is take their sitcom characters and make them go on a holiday abroad. It sort of worked quite well in the first movie when they go to Spain because it seemed like exactly the kind of thing that the characters would have done and while that movie did have some of the contrivances you get with spin-off movies, it was on the whole very amusing. This sequel also goes abroad, this time to Australia. You can imagine whoever pitched this idea thought it would be the logical next destination because it's even further afield than the last one. What's next? Perhaps 'The Inbetweeners 3: In Space'.

The plot-line is certainly quite awkward in getting the boys to Oz and it remains quite a weak story-line in general throughout. The boys are all basically exactly the same, with the same traits and situations, just now in Australia. We have some other characters too, in the form of pretentious spiritual travellers but not much beyond that. It's a weaker film than the last one and you do feel that maybe this is the end of the line for these characters. But the four leads are still likable and well played. Simon Bird as Will is probably the one with the best story arc here and he consequently is the funniest character. It's certainly funny in places and definitely one for fans of the series to at least see but it's not up to the standard of before really.

Reviewed by nogodnomasters4 / 10


Jay (James Buckley) is in Australia and sends our group a text message filled with male fantasies and lies about his situation. Our group somehow gets the funds for a surprise visit where they discover that Jay lied to them. While there, Will (Simon Bird) miraculously bumps into Katie (Emily Berrington) who saves their vacation by introducing the group to her friends and places to go.

This is another crude teen sex comedy. The humor is sexual and lacks any intellect. It is for kids who think talking about sex in the crudest fashion is cool and funny. It is a film I would have loved at one time, but have long out grown.

Parental Guide: F-bomb, sex, nudity. Crude sex talk and gestures

Reviewed by jboothmillard6 / 10

The Inbetweeners 2

The Inbetweeners on television is a fantastically funny show, and the first movie was an equally funny hit at the cinema, becoming the highest grossing film in the UK of 2011, so I was excited to find out there would be another one. Basically misfit friends, nerd-like Will McKenzie (Simon Bird, also narrating),foul-mouthed Jay Cartwright (James Buckley) and slow-witted Neil Sutherland (Blake Harrison) have had their girlfriends of the last film break up with them, and insecure Simon Cooper (Joe Thomas) wants to break up from Lucy (Tamla Kari) who is too clingy, Will and Simon are at university, Neil works at a bank, and Jay is on a gap year. Will, Simon and Neil are emailed by Jay from Australia, he claims to be running a nightclub, living in a mansion and having regular sex, calling it the "sex capital of the world", and he convinces them to join him there for a holiday, arriving there they go to the club and find Jay is actually a toilet attendant. In the club bar Will bumps into old friend Katie (Emily Berrington) who is backpacking and convinces him to join her, Jay is found to be actually living in a tent in the garden of the house of his Uncle Bryan (Chopper's David Field),and there Simon uses Skype to try and break up with Lucy, but the uncle interferes and tricks her into thinking Simon has asked her to marry him. The next day, in a Peter Andre-inspired car, the four friends travel to a youth hostel in Byron Bay so Will can meet Katie, he also tries to make friends with fellow traveller Ben (Harry Potter's Freddie Stroma) who just down on him as a tourist, he later Skypes his mother Polly (Belinda Stewart-Wilson),and she tries to deny that someone else is staying with her which he can clearly notice, and he spends the night with drunken Katie getting intimate, until she falls asleep while he has hand in an awkward place. The next day Will, Jay, Simon and Neil go with the travellers to Splash Planet water park, there Jay tries to find ex- girlfriend Jane (Lydia Rose Bewley) who works there, the staff member tells him she found a new job and doesn't know where she went, meanwhile Neil wanting to be a dolphin trainer swims with one, only to accidentally kill it, and then when Will and Ben are racing in opposing flumes Neil has a stomach problem, follows through and the result follows Will all the way to the bottom and hits him in the face, everyone runs in terror and he vomits heavily, forcing the park to be closed down. Simon is able to find out from Lucy, already planning wedding stuff with his parents, that Jane is working on a stud farm in Birdsville, the boys plan to drive there, but Will decides to stay with Katie, only to struggle to fit into the spiritual activities, then Katie reveals she is seeing various people at once, so he goes into foul- mouthed tirade, and she ends up going to have sex with Ben. Will leaves the hostel and catches a plane to reunite with Jay, Simon and Neil on the road, the four friends drive to Jane's workplace, but they run out of gas in the middle of the desert and have no water or way of getting help, desperate Simon tries to drink Neil's urine, only for him to miss and urinate over his face, realising they will likely die the four friends hold hands and close their eyes. Soon enough though they are rescued by some workers, including Jane, she is touched by Jay's gesture, how far would come to find her, but she does not take him back, and back at Jay's uncles house the four boys find all their parents have travelled to see them, following their near-death experience, they are shocked that their old sixth form head Mr. Gilbert (Greg Davies) is there too. Will is horrified that his mother and Mr. Gilbert are in a relationship, the other three are amused, Jay slaps his uncle for insulting Jane's weight, causing a fight between the uncle and Jay's Dad (David Schaal),Simon talking to Lucy on Skype cheers and abruptly hangs up on Jane after she breaks up with him to be with university friend Pete, next through a montage we see the four boys travelling in Vietnam, and Will's mother and Mr. Gilbert engaged, trying to run away Will is wrestled by security. The four lead stars remain individually and together the most fun and lovable characters, getting themselves into more awkward situations and poking fun at each other. The first film had its over the top moments, but this certainly feels like a much more ambitious and funnier adventure, the highlights are Will singing "The First Time Ever I Saw Your First" and the hilarious scene where poo follows Will down a water slide until it hits him in the face and he keeps puking with screaming people running from him like a scene from Jaws (this "logging" inspired a disgusting real life craze),full of foul mouthed language, dirty and gross jokes and sticking close to the routes of the TV show this is a fun comedy film. Good!

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