The Horrible Sexy Vampire

1971 [SPANISH]


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Reviewed by lee_eisenberg5 / 10

Ever seen it with Dutch subtitles?

"El vampiro de la autopista" (called "The Horrible Sexy Vampire" in English) is mostly what we would expect from any Euro-horror flick from the early '70s, namely the women who exist only to strip, shower and get killed. What I can't understand is why the vampire strangles people instead of directly drinking their blood (or why he tells his descendant to stop him). As long as we just accept that this movie has basically no purpose accept to teach hot women not to remove their clothes - which itself presupposes that horny men are watching so as to see their big breasts - then it's a pretty fun flick. But not much else (maybe it would have been a little neater had it starred Paul Naschy). I actually got to watch a version dubbed in English with Dutch subtitles. Go figure!

Reviewed by BA_Harrison5 / 10

Thank heavens for gratuitous nudity.

Count Oblensky (Waldemar Wohlfahrt),heir to the Winninger estate, moves into his ancestral castle despite a spate of unsolved murders in the vicinity; there, he discovers the long dead Baron Winninger, a vampire with the power of invisibility and a longing to be staked, who is cursed to rise from his tomb to kill. Also unperturbed by the rising number of corpses is Oblensky's tasty fiancé Susan, who pays her boyfriend a visit and finds herself stalked by the undead baron.

The plot for The Horrible Sexy Vampire is decidedly mediocre and leads to quite a few stretches of tedium wherein a police inspector investigates the murders and Oblensky explores his castle. Thankfully, the film's bloodsucking baron has a proclivity for sexy female victims, attacking only after they have removed some or all of their clothes, meaning that the dreary scenes of police procedure and Oblensky's investigation of his new home are regularly punctuated by far more entertaining moments in which naked hotties are offed by the kill-crazy count (who seems to forget that he's a vampire, throttling his victims rather than making use of his fangs).

Reviewed by Bunuel19762 / 10

THE HORRIBLE SEXY VAMPIRE (Jose' Luis Madrid, 1970) *1/2

The original Spanish title for this film was THE VAMPIRE OF THE HIGHWAY but it isn't any more appropriate than the ludicrous one it is saddled with here; now if it had been called "The Horrible, Stupid Film"...

Ostensibly a vampire flick, our villain here is also capable of invisibility(!) and only bites his victims after strangling them to death; besides, he keeps busting his descendant's balls to get him to do the right thing and drive a stake through his heart!! Now is that stupid or what? The latter is an albino-ish, handsome young man who, unfortunately, is prone to drinking himself senseless practically every night. All the girls in the film (of which there are, for no reason at all, about five or six) are there literally to undress, take a shower, put on the most inconsequential of nighties, make love with their hunk of a boyfriend and expire at the hands of the marauding Count Winninger(!) who naturally sports a Dracula-like cape and keeps his coffin in the basement of his castle. There is also the usual roster of disbelieving police detectives and officers who only serve as fodder for the blood-thirsty vampire.

My unconditional love for Horror movies will get me to watch almost anything in that vein, especially something of this vintage; it's a pity that this one here proved to be so anemic...

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