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Lucas Bravo as Giorgio
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Maria Bakalova as Sarah
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Myha'la Herrold as Girl at the party
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Reviewed by imdb-29203 / 10

Everyone in this film has crap hair

And it just goes downhill from there. What's astonishing is that the writer and director, Dean Craig, is credited this year for writing a movie I enjoyed, The Estate. He also wrote Death at a Funeral a few years back, which was solid. What the actual hell, Dean?

Everything the first reviewer said is true. This is a painfully terrible film with stock jokes, stock characters, and actors with no chemistry. If there were to be an article in the New York Times in a month about how the script was written and characters were selected by an AI that had ben fed a corpus of sub-5-star films, I wouldn't be surprised.

There are, of course, worse films out there. I'd like to congratulate the continuity staff for ensuring that the characters wore the same clothes from scene to scene. Also everyone involved remembered the plot all the way through.

Reviewed by annebutnothathaway1 / 10

Painfully bad

Do you know those movies that are so bad that they are good? This movie is not one of them. It's just painfully bad.

A romantic comedy that lacks any romance and laughs. The plot doesn't have any originality and it has a strong 'been there, done that' feel to it (yet another story about a man-child who won't grow up). The three leads' acting is outrageous. There's no chemistry whatsoever between the married couple, so it's hard to believe they are actually in love and to sympathize with them. The 'funny' situations are not funny at all. What's funny is how over the top they are. Even Lucas Bravo's charm couldn't save this failure.

Reviewed by psxexperten1 / 10

Stay away from this stinker at all cost!

1 Star. I would give 0 Stars, but the rating system won't allow it.

Starts Off Bad, But Wait, it Gets Worse... Another worst film! Full of boring conversation, and annoying overuse scene! Avoid at all cost!

Whoever makes this garbage should stop and focus on something else. Wedding videos maybe? Or possibly just a new career in general because this is fraud.

This film is bad.

But man oh man this is just amateur hour. I've seen better films on the dollar rental shelf back in the 90s.

If the writer/director got funding for this, it is a good example of someone completely wasting time AND MONEY on boring, uninspired trash like this.

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