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Drama / Romance / Western

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Cole Hauser Photo
Cole Hauser as Little Boy Matson
Patricia Arquette Photo
Patricia Arquette as Mona Birk
Woody Harrelson Photo
Woody Harrelson as Big Boy Matson
Penélope Cruz Photo
Penélope Cruz as Josepha O'Neil
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by turkam7 / 10

A Good modern Western

I was surprised and disappointed to see this film only get a 6.0 in the database. I am giving it a 7 because Penelope Cruz, who I respect as an actress- amazing beauty aside- doesn't quite fit into this film. Otherwise, the directing from Stephen Frears, who has tried (it seems) as many genres as Howard Hawks, is solid. Billy Crudup, Patty Arquette and even Woody Harrelson (still want my $ back from NBK even though it's been a decade now!) is quite good in this. It is very hard to make Westerns these days, and I'm sure the box office from this film won't help. But, along with "Dead Man" and "Unforgiven," this film proves it can be done. Worth a look, especially for those of us ( a minority in my generation- GEN X) who still apprecaite the Western as a genre and as an art form.

Reviewed by Zilla-410 / 10

A Great Movie Western

This is a wonderful movie produced by Martin Scorcese's group and is the best contemporary western I've seen since "Unforgiven". In some ways it is like a Cormac McCarthy novel brought to life. It has a mature and literate screenplay by Walon Green, is well acted by Billy Crudup and Woody Harrelson, has strong supporting performances by a large and perfectly cast group of actors (including Patricia Arquette, Katy Jurado, Sam Elliott, and Penelope Cruz),is beautifully photographed by Oliver Stapleton against spectacular backdrops in New Mexico, is very well directed by Stephen Frears, and has a haunting score by the superb Carter Burwell. Only an overly sentimental last scene weakens an otherwise great film, but the movie is still well worth seeing.

Reviewed by drystyx2 / 10

dull story about punks

I can't call this a Western. Sure, it is set in the West, but it is far too dull to call a Western.

The story is about a bonding between two guys we could care less about, and who are more gay towards each other than the men of Brokeback Mountain.

The two aren't likable at all. No one is really likable. The story plods along, but it well acted, mostly by unknowns, although a few famous names are in this.

In the end, we see how self righteous and insane both of these two guys are. I actually don't blame the younger brother for what he does later. To him, these two must be like terrorists, relentlessly attacking him for no reason. He's backed into a corner, and it is impossible to feel sympathy for the older brother or his red neck punk friend.

Sadly, it seems evident that the director wants the viewer to empathize with the kill crazy hero. We can empathize with the mother, who is the lone sane character in this piece, and how she negotiates with the maniac. It's scary that there are people who think this maniac is identifiable and deserves any respect whatsoever.

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