The Harsh Light of Day



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Reviewed by dlmyst-298137 / 10

Great vamp film

The story is about vengeance and what a person would do to get it. Given the main character didn't know what he was getting into and the price he needed to pay. The production value was pretty decent and the affects were good too. Given I would of chosen a different path at the end compared to the main character. But I do know where he was coming from. I would recommend this film to friends and family members to watch.

Reviewed by fairlesssam6 / 10

Superb film for the budget

This is a superb film for the tiny documented budget. The cinematography is superb, it has a solid script and the acting is excellent.

A man (Daniel) witnesses the savage murder of his wife by a gang of masked intruders. They beat him and he suffers a broken back and ends up in a wheelchair with a lady taking care of him. He is deeply depressed and obsessed with finding who is responsible. The police seem to have given up.

A friend offers to help Daniel by introducing him to someone that will be able to help but it's not the usual kind of help. He's not really told anymore than that but agrees to meet with this mysterious stranger.

The stranger is very cryptic, he won't give a straight answer but states he can help find the killers but that Daniel will never be the same again. His life will never go back to how it once was. Daniel agrees, all he wants is to bring the killers to justice.

After having a drink with the mysterious stranger Daniel passes out and begins going through changes. He tries to contact his friend but cannot get him of the phone. He is confused and doesn't know what's happening.

Obviously as a viewer you know what's happening to Daniel and you feel sorry for him. Sorry that he has made a deal with the devil and there is no turning back.

Reviewed by nogodnomasters6 / 10


The film opens with author Daniel Shergold (Dan Richardson) at a promo for his latest book, "Dark Corners" written about the supernatural. The movie is put together running present and past events back and forth, as well as showing us a subplot. This is deliberately done to create a confusion that will be shortly experienced by Daniel's mind.

This scene follows a home break-in where Daniel's wife (Niki Felstead) is killed and our author is confined to a wheel chair. A friend of Dan's introduces him to an odd fan of his work, Infurnari (Giles Alderson). He promises Dan he can find the killers and get revenge, but it will cost him the life that he had. With nothing to lose, Daniel agrees and is unknowingly transformed into something akin to vampire.

The film was good enough to hold my interest, a break-in/revenge film with a twist. The scenes lacked intensity to prevent it from being a gory slasher, but at the same time lacked the quality drama to carry it.

Parental Guide: F-bomb, sex, nudity (Niki Felstead)

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